Might be a new favorite…

I love Apartment Therapy The Kitchen and tonight I have two reasons to think I am in love…

1. The Pancake Puff Pan
MY KIDS LOVE THIS PAN! Or at least they love the commercial for this pan. Everytime it is one I am implored to—begged to—-Pleeeeeaaassseee get this pan. “No way that’s gross” I say-EVERYTIME. Well, after reading this, I may have to surprise the tykes with this new addition to our kitchen.

2. Growing Potatoes in A Bag
On Sunday I was standing in the garden center looking at a bag of seed potatoes-wondering and wishing that I could grow potatoes, but not really having a way to do that. And BINGO here is my answer. It is either this or a stack of Rubber tires…I opt for the bag.

And then just because I am looking and it sounds AWESOME…
Salmon Scrambled Eggs and Toast



9 thoughts on “Might be a new favorite…

  1. i used to beg my parents for a kraftmatic adjustable bed after seeing that commercial…probably lots of other things too.
    i actually might get a pancake puff thinger to use for an article i pitched, if i end up writing it i’ll send it to you after.
    also i have a lot to learn about gardening…such as how potatoes grow. i had some sprouting so i just threw them in the ground to see what happens. what’s this about tires?

  2. a-nugget says:

    hmmmm….I dont know about this puff pan….anything that comes with an injector scares me a bit but if you happen to buy it I will demand puff pancakes next time I visit you:)

  3. barngirl says:

    Colleen-You would be my kids’ hero! Seriously. And with the tires…as the potato plant grows you but more dirt on them so that there is a mound. So you add the tires as you add more dirt-like a raised tire bed for potatoes.

    a-nugget, but what if they were injected with homemade raspberry jam with powder sugar and fresh raspberries sprinkled around…then the injector would be good.

  4. a-nugget says:

    dude, you still haven’t commented on what those things are in your breakfast below!!! I wanna know!!!!

  5. barngirl says:

    Sorry bout that-poached eggs that were poached in a fancy poaching pan.
    And I LOVE poached eggs and they were poached PERFECTLY.

  6. Jen says:

    Ooh, I love poached eggs too! Sounds like a perfect breakfast in bed to me. We are trying to grow potatoes because Andy shared some of his seed potatoes. We just threw them in the ground, so I’m sure some system such as the bag would work fine. I need to read up on how they grow now.

  7. meme says:

    Potatoes, pancakes and pans: Oh MY!
    I think the injection of strawberry jam with creme’ fresh on the side would be just the ticket- love that homemade jam.
    As far as growing potatoes goes please be aware that the hilling of dirt around the growth is essential to success with these tasty tubers. Also be ready to do battle with the dreaded colorado potato bug. These are gross looking, flesh colored larva that will chew through the leaves of your plants in no time. Hand picking works but most people shrink from that. You can try a mixture of mild soap and water in a spray bottle to defeat them by preventing them early. Check your favorite garden center for other methods. Don’t wait, if you grow them, they will come.

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