Adah, Eli and Jen come for a visit

There is a whole lot of cuteness coming your way…be prepared. We enjoyed our friends visit. We were served yummy soup and pumpkin pie! They have set the standard for visits folks. But seriously, we loved our time with them and just when it was time to go they started playing nice together. Except Adah…she was a trouble maker.

I have been so busy I have become boring. My days are all crazy and I end up tired and brainless when I finally have a moment to myself. Thus the lack of pictures or even something creative or funny to say.

But a 5th grade girl showed me this video today and it made me laugh so I will share it with you…Bush has never sounded better. And some people have a lot of time on their hand.

Huh?!?!?! or Wha-Wha-What?!?!?!

Allen’s Attraction

Regardless of why they drink it, Mainers undeniably have a Number 1 favorite when it comes to brands of hard alcohol: Allen’s Coffee Brandy.

But it’s not only Number 1. Because the state tracks bottle sizes separately, it is also ranks second, sixth, and tenth in terms of numbers of units sold each year. No other brand registers more than once in the top 10.

Next weekend in the Bangor Daily News and, reporter Bill Trotter explores the reasons behind the drink’s perennial popularity and its troubling reputation.
-Bangor Daily News

Even in the Washington Post