Country Mice go to the City…

Took the kids to Boston this weekend. What a trip. My Mom and Marty flew into meet us on Saturday. Wowza! It was fabulous. The four of us had a great time together, had breakfast with the Boston Nasons, we got to enjoy some time with Grandma and Grandpa, they watched the kids and Steve and I got to enjoy some time alone….really just perfect. Oh the walking and walking…and more walking. The kids were troopers. Walking all the way from the Children’s Museum to the North End for dinner. Albeit there were a few whines and complaints about crabs in shoes, etc…Their expressions, exclamations, observations, and excitement had Steve and I giving each other the “this was the best thing to do” smile over and over and over again. Now we just have to figure out where to take them next….

Molly’s Birthday Party or the Day That Never Ended…

The photo gallery is HUGE because there were so many pictures…I couldn’t decide what to post. We celebrated Molly’s birthday with friends yesterday. The Lambert and Osborne families joined us for brunch, presents, and cakes. AND then sledding and snow skating, lunch, playing, more sledding and snow skating, and then snacks and then dinner and FINALLY they went home. 🙂

Yesterday was my home ownership dream realized. My friend Jen and I used to have these days….often. The days where you start with a planned activity and then you keep coming up with reasons why you should keep hanging out. I loved those days. When we moved to North Berwick-I would think about those days and wish for friends in the area that I would get that comfortable with so that they would feel like my home was their home and vice versa. We have found those friends.

Highlight of the day was the snow skate that Beau brought along. EVERYONE got on one and had a blast. Ella was as true treat to watch. Little Miss Nervous/Perfectionist…hopped on one and took off. She was good. Fell all over the place and got back up to go again. Even trying stylish “bails”. The littlest, Lillia, got on and went, with all of us cheering loudly when she finished. When Molly heard the cheers—she looked at me and said “I want to try.” Her face couldn’t have been prouder when she fell and we all clapped and told her how awesome she is.

What a perfect day! And all day Molly got the special privileges…the only sled ride through the woods to the sled hill (all the rest of the kids had to walk), the chance to pick the movie of the night, the first pick of cupcakes for dessert after dinner (yup-cake and cupcakes yesterday), and on and on…she had a great day and told all of us—I am already four!!! And we smiled and said “Yes you are.”

Winter Weekend #1 billion and 37.

p1010811 I have hit my winter blues. But the good news is I am going to get through it and spring will come! Right?!?! Right?!?!?!
Look at those kids…I get such chills thinking about them growing up together. Miss Lilia wasn’t even born yet when we first met the Lamberts. Now she is THREE and the biggest daredevil I have ever met. Standing on the 6th step of our stairways she declared to the other kids she was ready to jump onto the pillows on the bottom. Two moms moved rather quickly to stop that. Probably could have made it though.

Yesterday despite the beautiful day…we Nason girls moved into the bookstore for a couple hours. It really was perfect and fun and we have added to our Little House Series with Farmer Boy and Little House on the Prairie. And shook it up a bit with the Avi series…Poppy. Apparently there is a rather grumpy porpcupine named Erath who says things like “who the lice lips said…” and “frog flip” and “who the snail squirt is that?”… and “mouse muck”…I am tempted to start reading it myself. Avi is so awesome. Not sure I can wait to get through Little House.

After the bookstore…we went over to Panera for lunch. Saw an old boyfriend there. And in the process discovered I have a pet peeve. SO note…I was minding my own business getting the girls settled into the table with their lunches and scratch books (those black pages that you scratch a wood pencil on and colors are revealed below…love those) when someone said…”Beth? ” Looking up there he was…last time I saw him…Steve pointed out that he was wearing winnie-the-pooh underwear–it was showing out of the top of his jeans (mind out of the gutter people)…so he is forever that ex-boyfriend who wears winnie-the-pooh underwear. SO anyway…there we are are standing rather awkwardly so I start asking allllll these questions about him. Work, life, family EVEN looked at goddamn pics of their family vacay to Florida. Then as the silence grew again…DID he ask me ANYTHING about me?!?!?! NOPE…just said okay and sat down. AND I did the same. That is why I am not with that jerk…that and he got me a crossword puzzle mystery novel for my birthday and then broke up with me that night. 🙂
FOCUS…This is the second time I have reconnected with someone and I have asked all about them and gotten no inquiries into my life. I think it is just a common courtesy to take a second to ask. Plus I am really not that long winded and very self-conscious so I will not go on and on…I promise.

Well anyway…here it is Sunday. Getting motivated to get to the gym because we are supposed to have another foot of snow tomorrow. BUT if we do have a snow day…Steve is home and we have more Star Wars to watch. Could be worse…ONLY 1 billion and 1 more winter weekends to go…