Crazed Mother Chases School Bus


Yesterday afternoon, I got home before Ella got off the school bus. I was tooling around the yard picking up rotten pumpkins, throwing away our sad looking scarecrow, putting stuff away in the shed when I heard the bus coming up the road. I started walking quickly to the end of our driveway. I was confident that I would get to the end before the bus got there. It occurred to me, however, that by the sound of it, the bus was NOT slowing down. And in a flash I saw the bus approach our driveway and fly on by. The whole thing made worse by the sight of Ella looking out the window and seeing me and registering that the bus was NOT stopping. EGADS!

AND what did I do? What any rational, calm, mother would do…I took off running down the road SCREAMING at the bus to stop. I think my exact words were, “HEY, STOP!” Which it finally did and turned around to bring me my kid. She even tried to pin it on me by telling me I wasn’t out there. Oh no, Honey-you flew by my house, I said. She then admitted she forgot Ella was on there until kids started yelling-“YOU FORGOT ELLA”. God bless you children. So we got a short ride back to the driveway and needless to say…Ella would like me to pick her up today.

He has gone and left us again


This crummy team has taken him from us again.  He just called from a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale where he will spend the night and then they are off to Miami after the game tomorrow night.  Then up to Tampa, Long Island, New Jersey and Back to Boston.  We won’t see him again until Friday.  It will go fast though, I am sure.  We will keep busy.  So it will seem not so bad. Though I do miss him terribly.

Next Friday we will be rewarding ourselves with a trip to North Conway, NH and a ride on the Polar Express.  Every Christmas time, the Mt. Washington Rail Way has a ride on its trains to the North Pole.  Everyone on the train wears their pajamas and Elves serve us hot chocolate.  We ride up the mountain to hear Santa read the Polar Express and all the kids get silver reindeer bells.  Should be fun.  We have been reading the Polar Express in preparation.  The kids don’t know about it yet though.

So I am happy to report that I found a woman at work who sews and can help show me how to do the 2 step binding on my aprons.   So tonight after the girls go to bed I am going to cut my towels.  And tomorrow she will show me how pin and sew.  I will be pumping these things out non-stop.

Angry Chicken also had a fun idea for making books…may have to do that for stocking stuffers.  VERY CUTE.   I do love that blog.

Happy Hump Day!  Only 2 days until the weekend.  And we all know “everybody’s workin’ for the weekend.”  Is that how the song goes? What ever happened to the hip fashion style of the multiple bandanas and leather outfit…

Are you a….


Last night, we did our second night of craftiness.  Christmastime a year ago, it started with a cookie swap, 4 of us got together and swapped cookies and I attempted to teach us how to play Mah Jong.  And…we drank wine.  Though Mah Jong did not go over so well, we did have fun and decided to gather again, but this time bringing a crafty thing that we are working on or want to work on to share.  Fast forward one year and we FINALLY got our acts together and had our second night.

My friends, Megan and Deb and my sister-in-law Lori and I, all gathered at Megan’s house to share our projects.  And…to drink wine.  2 and a half hours flew by too quickly and we all marveled over Lori’s knitting skills and gorgeous project books.  I don’t need to knit, I just need someone to knit for me…Lori.  Deb brought her bead store with her. Seriously, she has soooo many beads.  She is making jewelry for Christmas presents.  I took along my apron project that I have yet to start and still didn’t start last night, but it sure sounds like a cool project.  But overall, we just talked.  And…drank wine.

So, this is bringing me to the topic of being a crafty lady.  I have been enjoying this blog, Angry Chicken, lately.  But I have to say, it makes me feel a tad inadequate.  This woman has three kids, one of them an infant, wrote a book on sewing, is on different crafty shows, and does all these awesome crafty projects while NURSING.  Guys and Gals, I am lucky if I get my hair blown dry in the morning!!!  But the problem is I really WANT to make that Holiday Penny Rug and be creative and sew my kids adorable dresses.  Sigh.

The truth is I want to be a Craft Lady.

Back at it again

Cold and rainy this morning-more slushy then rainy.  Raising myself out of my warm bed was one of the hardest things I have had to do in 5 days.  Made even harder by the fact that in our dark, cozy house the only other sounds were that of people sleeping.  Even the cats weren’t up when I got up.  When I left the house, however, it was buzzing with little girls waking up routine and Steve’s sleepy dance around me in the kitchen.  Ella was dressed in a new outfit from Grandma almost immediately.  Molly stayed in her jammies.  Both of them confirmed that if I held them in my heart all day, they would hold me in theirs.  I will miss them terribly today.

So here I am at school.  All the kids look droopy and sluggish, too.   Teachers share the same feelings of wanting to be somewhere else today.  Only 20 school days until Vacation!  🙂

My New Home

So here I am at Word Press.  I don’t know why, but I guess I wanted something new.

Plus I really loved this template!  Perfect for the holidays.

It is a slow night around here.  Maybe that is why I have moved.

Maybe this will encourage me to be a little more creative with my blog, as well.

SO Welcome!  I think we will like it here!

Christmas Tree Lighting Festival

Our little town has an annual Christmas tree Lighting Festival every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Every year since Ella was a baby we have attended. And it is a sweet, little festival. Perfect for families. This year it included running into many people and families that we have met recently and known for a few years. And ended with pizza at the Lambert’s. In between was music, wagon rides, Santa Claus, Gingerbread Houses and cookies. In other words, tons o’ fun!!!!
One of the cutest kids I know…just look at him…so cute…The pile of pizza…yep she ate every bite…
Inside the American Legion-judging the gingerbread houses…lots of creative people out there.
The girls…
Trying to stay warm and singing Christmas Carols.
Yum! Pizza!

Watching the Primary school Band…
On the wagon ride…Molly declares horses are stinky.
The one we voted for…the creators were friends and come on-it is Fenway.
The winning house…
Being shy
The mailbox Deb and I made last year…made it to this year. We were so proud.
Brave Jack tells Santa his Christmas Wish
The primary school band…

Thanksgiving and the Gangs All Here!

We had a great Thanksgiving with the Nasons, Swensons and Randalls. 16 people when all said and done and 2 cats. Lots of cooks brought together a fabulous dinner. A turkey in the oven and a turkey in a trash can. Lots of yummy desserts. Some guitar hero, and laughs. Ella was tired all day, and after 5 pieces of Deb’s pumpkin bread and 2 pieces of pie she was ready for bed. Molly moved on through the day without a nap. She ran and cried and yelled and laughed and played with her buddies Jack and Charlotte. Overall, another Happy Holiday. And with the G and G clean up crew, I woke up to a clean kitchen in the morning. Happiness IS! Let the Holiday Season Begin.
Here is to hoping we were all able to make it through Black Friday and bought NOTHING! Tomorrow on the other hand…teehee! Just kidding-maybe just a hit at Jo-Ann Fabrics and the grocery store. Got to get that sewing machine moving. Christmas Time is coming.

The Clean-UP Crew

Every Thanksgiving, we are blessed with the clean-up efforts of Grandma and Grandpa. On good advice, we figured some “hand” made aprons would be a nice show of appreciation for all their hard work. So the girls got to work and created “fantastic” masterpieces!

Molly was the only one willing to get her hand covered with paint. What you turn 5 and all the sudden messy hands are gross?! What’s up with that??
I think they were pleased!