Wellesley Island State Park

Holly and Christine invited me to join them on a nature jaunt up to Wellesley Island State Park. What a great place. The shot to the left is of a section of the St. Lawrence called the Narrows.
We had some good girl talk and did not run into another human being until we returned to the Nature Center. We did see a couple herons, lots of chirping frogs, a beaver lodge, but no beavers and a snake. After we went and did a little shopping and had some lunch. What a fun day.
Highly recommend a visit to Wellesley Island State Park if you are ever in Northern NY.

Trip to the cottage-best pics

We have returned from our second trip to the lake. This time was much more laid back and we had some good family time. Time by the lake, a trip to Old MacDonald’s farm, a hike with Holly and Christine, a visit with Grandma Roe and a trip to Claire’s. Ella did not want to leave and Molly finally made peace with Banner as we are getting ready to hop in the car. By the way, Banner’s new name is Bah-haahhaa (said with a wimper). Can’t believe that we will not be going back again for many cold, dark months…

Meme is a good sport
Look at this family…that is one happy bunch
The cutest!
Moo Cow is a moo cow!

Today was a beautiful day. The girls and I went to the Park to meet up with the M-Cs. We enjoyed our visit with them and looking at all the amazing flowers. Molly did not pick one flower. She just looked and patted. I love that place. Sadly I think that was the first time this summer we have visited that awesome spot. Ella says she wishes we could live there. Sometimes I wish we could too. I used to go once a week it seemed.

Molly got doubly banged up with scrapes on her knee and chin. All night she has pointed at her knee and said “Oweee”.
Overall, a good day.

Some of my favorite things

  • Steve’s hugs
  • hearing Molly say “love you momma”
  • Cuddles with Ella
  • blueberry banana pancakes and bacon
  • the smell of the cottage and the lake
  • our house
  • a song that I can listen to at least three times in a row and sing loudly
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • watching my kids sleep
  • taking walks with Meepers
  • A really good gin and tonic on a hot day with Dad and Steve
  • Watching the Gilmore Girls-with Ally but that is no longer so that makes me sad
  • Drop ins and knowing that you have a friend you can drop in on. IF only Moultonborough was a little closer
  • Sleeping in
  • Pedicures
  • Back rubs from Steve-I don’t get them from anyone else
  • listening to my girls giggle together-that is new
  • Sunsets on the lake
  • getting an email from a friend
  • getting mail that is not bills-that is not often
  • sending someone mail-don’t do that often but I love when I do it

Hmmm fun to think about…


Ella and I had some fun with this recent project. It was supposed to be lady bugs but as usual Ella kicked it up a notch. You can see the traditional ladybug in the pack. But other than that it is a pretty ecletic bunch. Contact paper, cellophane, glitter, sequins and glitter glue make for a good time.


I finally have some plants I can be proud to say I grew. Not much to some but I am so happy to look out my window and see the simple beauty of these black eyed susans.

Check it out my lavender even has flowers. This was a teeny tiny plant and now it is flourishing. Yippie!


So I have come to the realization that cleaning and exercise are the same for me in my brain. I love when I do it, but I can not get in the habit of doing it regularly. Now, let me just say folks that I am on a strong excercise swing. Three weeks of regular walks/jogs, I have even started to throw in some sit-ups. Got to start seeing my toes again. So is there hope for the house?
Today I spent a beautiful day doing laundry, PUTTING AWAY clean clothes, putting clean sheets on beds, vacuuming and even washing out the diaper pail. But the beauty being that the girls and I still spent time outside coloring, going for a dual-y walk for me, going for a walk for them and playing a game Ella made up. Plus all the time they played together with the stuff in my trunk in my room, on the bed, in the pack-n-play, dancing. SO what is my point…
All the time my excuse for not cleaning is not wanting to miss out on good things with the girls but today was a good day and I cleaned. Both girls fell asleep quickly always a sign of a good day. What will my excuse be now? Guess I have no excuses. Oh hell who am I kidding?
But it sure was a good day!