If a woman gets teary in the woods….

Been taking walks with Obi in the woods on the most beautiful days, as of late. Always ends up with me crying. Because of his happy puppy face coming at me at top speed, because of the silence, but yet all the noise, because of pieces of the world like above and because life is just so friggin’ awesome.

Quilt top

I have a top.

Learned a couple things in this process.
Consistent measurement and square sizes IS important. Most of my corners may look something like this…

But I also learned that despite the time consuming nature and my lack of cutting ability…there has to be something I am missing there…sewing is fun. Until you have to iron, but even then, it’s not that bad with a glass of wine and some music. And I made that (see first picture).
Now I just have to finish it.

And this just cause dang, they are cute.


Once I was complaining to someone that I didn’t get to see them enough. I am fairly self-centered that way. My justification was that I liked having them in my world even though I knew I can’t have them there all the time. That friend quickly likened themselves to bacon. Bacon-that perfect food, salty, fatty, delicious…but we shouldn’t be so indulgent as to have bacon everyday. We would be fat and lazy…right, but then again balanced with a regular exercise regime …maybe we would be happy.

This has been a bacon weekend. I know they all can’t be like this..but would it be so wrong if they were?

Love Dog

Today as I was changing into my running stuff in my tiny office bathroom, in the middle of fretting once again about why I chose my bathroom and not the more spacious file room and how to negotiate changing out of work shoes into sneakers without touching the floor with my bare feet, I realized I was really looking forward to my run. In the middle of my usual frets was not the one that involved talking myself into continuing to change my clothes. Today, I stepped out the door and ran. It felt so good.

“You know what part of me wants to do today?!?! Be in a house on the ocean with coffee, wine, water, bread and cheese….MUSIC…sewing machine and a book. And no one else. Maybe ice cream, too. And my sneakers. Maybe I need two days for this plan. But otherwise mostly, most of me is looking forward to today!”

What an amazing day. Surrounded by community, friends, and family. This was a day that I needed.