Here we grow…

So I am going to gush about something here. Just to prepare you more curmudgeon readers…you know who you are…ELLA IS RIDING A TWO WHEEL BIKE!!! And really it has been a pretty emotional thing for me…good emotional. Partly because we had a night of practicing which involved me YELLING, most unsupportively,…”YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!” and her crying…not one of my finer parenting moments…and we ended with a long bike ride a few nights later and her looking at me with a huge smile on her face, saying quietly…”I believed in myself.” The only difficult part about parenting Ella is that Ella is so me. And for the past two days she beams outside to ride her bike, around and around in circles in the driveway…down the hill…skidding out as she brakes. It is awesome.

This tree was nothing more than a twig when we planted it…seriously…we were not sure it was going to make it. Now it is a bigger twig with many more branches and leaves, but I am so proud.

AND I actually have rose buds on my rose bush…our friend, Dave, who helped build our house gave us this bush as a housewarming gift 6 years ago. I HAVE NEVER HAD A ROSE ON IT!!! Until now…and I probably have like 10! Much dork-y excitement about that.

And these are the fabrics I picked out for our new sitting area. The flower fabric is for the window seats and the yellow will go in the brown chair. Sadly we are in a waiting pattern that may be another MONTH!!! Oh my…but it gives me lots of time to procrastinate painting that area.

And in terms of regression…this is how Molly and I napped last weekend. And do you know…I can’t remember the last time this ever happened. Molly is not a snuggly sleeper, but this day…took the two of us no time to be snoring beans on the couch.