What we teach our children

I remember my friend Jen telling me early in our child raising careers (because we are such veterans now) about a woman she knows who said f-ing instead of the more colorful word to avoid her child picking up that certain vocab. But one day her sweet young child used F-ing PERFECTLY in a sentence and the woman decided that didn’t really sound any better. I feel her pain.
Today was a fabulous day. We started at the pool with some chilly swimming and lunch. Steve headed off to work and then we headed out to Ella’s friend Sydney’s Birthday Party. What FUN! I will be posting pictures. We have not had much rain as of late, so we stop and bought some watering cans to water our whiskey barrels and other batches of flowers that our hose won’t reach. When we got home we got out the cans and got to it. About half why through, the girls lost interest. I was on the other side of the house watering my flower circle when I heard a shriek! Ella came bolting around the corner of the house yelling…”Molly got me FRIGGIN’ Wet!”

It must be Steve’s influence. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Yeah-she got Ella friggin’ wet and she is proud of it!



It all started innocently enough with some puppy faces puzzle at the cottage. 1000 pieces we tore into and left in Holly’s custody to finish.

While I was in NY, at the pharmacy getting Moo’s prescription filled I got Ella a 150 piece puzzle to do when we got home. Thinking it would last a couple weeks-she was done in two days. AND very pleased with herself I must say.

So we purchased a 500 piecer at Target today! We are working on it together! Much fun!


I received two comments from someone named Colleen. Having no idea who she is I, obviously, clicked on her profile. I have since added her to my favorite blogs. She will make you laugh. Especially, ledrunkchef.
I still don’t know who she is…does she know Pete and Perry in brooklyn?
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