She is good…

Lots of evenings spent in Portsmouth while Ella rehearses for the play. Not always what Molly wants to do…but she doesn’t complain and Steve and I have had a chance to spend one on one with her and it has been so fun. She is wild, sweet, imaginative, and full of soooooo much love. She is good.


I didn’t sleep well last night and in my effort to lose the four pounds I gained, I have gotten back to my waking up in the morning for the gym. So 4:30 felt really early this morning with a few hours of sleep. A new workout schedule of weights and running is making my muscles sore and that feels so good. So it was worth it! I got home after a trip to Augusta for a conference with colleagues, grabbed the girls from school and we all went home for a quiet night. I took the dog for a walk across the road. The air, the walk, the scene. It was good.

Molly and Ella met me outside for some fairy house building and soccer with the dog. I found a wood fairy while we were out there…

I am tired. Dessert and Cosby Show and then bed for us all. Vacation get here quick.

Spring is here! For the most part…

I spent some of this morning cleaning our room with the window wide open letting beautiful spring air in. In New England, as the season shifts from winter to spring there is a collective, definite and palpable air of relief and energy. Today’s 60+ sunny weather and the promise of more days like today than days like yesterday makes us wear t-shirts when we really probably still need a sweater. I love it. After some cleaning and errands, I promised the girls a trip to the beach with some friends. Sadly as we all tumbled out of our cars with empty buckets to fill with treasures and leggings with sandals and vests over thin long sleeves we were met with winter. Cold wind blowing off the ocean drove us off the beach and right back into the warmth of our cars and too the less (but not much) windy playground. We are almost there. And to think the girls wanted to wear their bathing suits.

The rest of the weekend is Steve-ful. Two Red Sox/Yankee games but he is home early tonight and no game for him tomorrow. Three books to look through after he and the kids are in bed. Finding a new recipe to try for dinner tomorrow night from Ellie Krieger’s cookbook. I loved her show in Food Network when we had fancy cable. Going to look for a new bread to try from King Arthur and try to figure where we can put some fence to grow some raspberries on…
Love this time of year.

Do you think it is too much to pull up carpet, lay new flooring, empty our house into a dumpster, tile my backsplash, play with friends, coach tennis, do play practice, garden and clean yard, bake, sew, take swimming lessons etc…in a one week vacation? I hope not.

Art Show

Ella’s third year having a piece in the district art show and Molly’s first year! Yahoo! Another fun night seeing their art work on the walls of the high school surrounded by other great pieces from kids across the district and live music from the high school jazz band. What a fun event. Molly got very dressed up, but you can’t tell because I didn’t take a picture of her like a good mother would. Ella looked very cool, but again you can’t tell because I didn’t take a picture. But I got the most important part of the evening.

On not giving up

I kill plants. I don’t want to. I don’t feel good about it. But I do. I imagine every greenhouse has heard of me…the plants talk. When I pick up a pot I imagine the little roots clinging desperately to the wood below it trying desperately to avoid being taken home by the plant killer lady. Every spring I have the same good intentions and every fall there are the bones of my victims littering my lawn and yarn. It isn’t pretty.
This geranium though…there is something to this geranium. It is a plucky little plant. I have tried to kill this for years! Last fall it was down to two brown stubs with a couple withered leaves. Pathetic. For some reason (I am lazy and never throw anything out) I brought that plant inside and put it on the window sill and watered it. Not all the time. Once a month (maybe). And the most incredible thing started happening. It grew. Little green sprouts started to appear, leaves followed, and then the other day I found the most amazing thing…a bud. My geranium is going to have a flower.

I have not worked out regularly in about two months. I have gained four pounds. I have spent a lot of time wandering around my house searching for clothes, toys, books, flashlights, meaning only to have found laundry to fold. I have found myself in the midst of being surrounded by good stuff crying because of something I just haven’t found….yet. I blame the weather, the darkness, the schedule, but really it is just life. And this flower that is coming on my plant presented itself to me at just the right time. I find hope there. I find excitement and promise.
My friend once told me the story of a flower that she had that grew right along with her pregnancy with her daughter. She had the flower on her window of her bedroom. She watched it grow taller and stronger just like the amazing little girl inside her and on the day her daughter was born that flower bloomed. Beautiful Red Strong. I love that story.


I made whoopie pies for a great friend’s birthday.

This song! Put it on your running mix toward the end of your run. It’s perfect.