A little bit of homemade goodness…

The Nason clan has for three years now picked a name and then made a homemade gift for the person you get. This was my gift to Sri this year. With an impending move to India (both awesome and sad all at the same time), I wanted to make something she could take with her on the trip with the added bonus of reminding her of family back in Maine. With a little artistic help from the girls we made some placemats from Soulemama’s The Creative Family. I love how they came out…so did the girls. A lot of pride for their work.

This one is Ella’s-the minimalist

This one is Molly’s-WOW! A lot going on there…

This was supposed to be mine with a Lobster and some seashell borders, but it turned into something completely different…how can you say no to painting help…but again Wow!

The girls are modeling their adorable hats knit by Aunt Lori. Doesn’t get much cuter, in my opinion.

I made two bags for Omar and Charlotte to pack their Christmas goodies in and I was really pleased with how they turned out. The picture did not turn out well, but the ease with which I turned those bags out made me enjoy sewing again.

And I was going to post a pic of my homemade gifts of beer, jam, and bacon from Pete, but never got around to it, but let me just say…anyone that makes me BACON for Christmas…is totally alright in my book!

In the middle of vacation

We returned from NY tonight. Four days of doing that amazing mix of nothing and something. Movies, books, toys, food, booze, games, skating, walks, sledding, dogs and the 8 of us. A fantastic Christmas for sure.
In the middle of it I made this Crescent wrapped Brie with Cranberries. And it was almost as good as it was pretty.

And the girls had a bubble bath in the whirlpool tub.

Tomorrow starts the second half of vacation. The Maine part. Nason family Christmas, two nights out, more ice skating, and a day to take it all apart and put it all back together again and move back into the real world. I will snuggle back into the couch with my book for now.

Found this under the tree the other morning while I was getting ready to go to work. He has truly been the best thing to come into this family. Obi-O.

Might be able to make this bread in my sleep…how cool would that be if I could?!?!


A Holiday Moment

I am having a huge moment in Nason Holiday History. That jar in the picture to the left contains probably some of the best tasting candy I have ever made. That being said, this is probably the first time I have made candy so that is not saying much. HOWEVER! Every year I stress about what to give local family friends and co-workers. We are starting to give and receive food gifts with more families and it is a beautiful thing. Homemade raspberry jam, chocolate covered Oreos, peanut clusters, Chocolate peppermint cookies, bread…yum. And honestly, I always wanted to be someone who had their signature food gift at Christmas. Martha would be proud. SO THIS YEAR! I did it…no more snickerdoodles that don’t rise right EVER, no more iced sugar cookies with their cumbersome frostings and sprinkles NO! This year I got it and it is good. NO! It is fantastic!
I made two candies, peppermint patties and peppermint bark. No baking, no frosting, no rolling in cinnamon and sugar (someone please make me good snickerdoodles because really they are my favorite Christmas Cookie) and packaged them up in these sweet glass jars that I love and away they are going. The kids have been able to help which is so perfect and I have gained a few pounds from all the tastings but all good. I just hope next year Anchor Hocking makes the same jars and that I remember this was the perfect food gift!


What a week it was and I am fairly sure the pace will continue on into this week. Whose days aren’t full right now? Who doesn’t feel the pinch of an emptying bank account but also the thrill of giving? In schools-this time is a brimming whirlwind of emotions. On Thursday night, I drove home crying. Not for me, but for all the crap I had absorbed that week from kids and parents. How blessed am I to have a husband that calls, and texts and ims the rest of the evening to make sure I am feeling better? How blessed am I to have two little girls that tell me daily I am the best (please God let me keep them this age, forever)? Pretty friggin’ blessed let me tell you. So Thursday night was pasta night and this tiny bowl of goodness…made me incredibly happy. So happy I took a picture of it and then Ella was like “Mom-why did you take a picture of a bowl of pasta? (In a very teenager-y voice, I might add).

And following that I found this Native American thing from Thanksgiving from Molly’s class. And I didn’t want to keep but I wanted to remember it. Because dollars to donuts-she is a peaceful friend.

Saturday the girls did our practice run of homemade peppermint patties…HUGE SUCCESS. Amazing taste, so easy and fun to make for the girls and me.

The final product.

Sunday night we had our new neighbors-who live 4 miles away, but neighbors nonetheless on this country road and those Osbornes over for football and Mexican. Our world is expanding with good people and man that makes me happy, too. At the end of it all, there has been exhaustion, sadness, anger, stress, but all of that balanced so beautifully with energy, happiness, elation, relaxation. Tis the season.

Beard on Bread

When I woke up this morning-my brain went immediately to this book.

And then to this bread.

So between coursework, grocery shopping, house stuff, and cross stitch, three loaves of this wonderful bread will be made.

Things that I love…

1. Letting Obi lick the spoon clean of yogurt before I give him his dinner.

2. Downtown North Berwick’s Allard’s Market awesome selection of wine.

3. Running into bff Jennita at Allard’s Market and making a scene in front of the Allard’s Market guy that is both funny and full of love.

4. Decorating Christmas cookies with some of my favorite ladies and my little ladies’ favorite ladies.

5. The knowledge that my husband is home all weekend and the girls and I are bubbling with excitement about the time we will spend together.

6. Cheese and Crackers.

7. New running mixes. I would love more time to run, too but that will come.

8. Looking at recipes and dreaming about making them for people that I love.

9. Walk the Line.

10. Pinkie swears with Molly.