A day with Omar.

Not much words can do to tell you how awesome that expanded Nason family is!!! I so enjoyed watching the girls loving their new cousin. They found something new to fight about…who gets to hold Omar first! Go figure. Really enjoyed meeting Sri’s mom. How adorable is she? Enjoy the pics!

After a fabulous visit in Mass., we did a little visit to Newcastle and then dinner at Loco Coco’s…so YUM!

Valiant Effort!!!

Last night, Deb and I had a party for our Birthday Boys-the theme being—Party Like Before We had Kids.
Steve and I left the kids in the hands of our high school super hero babysitter at a friends’ house where they were spending the night!!! Yippie! It is a lot easier to think about partying before kids when you don’t have to come home to any kids after the party.

There was a keg, there were drinking games, there was a thong, there was wonderfully, awful, drunk singing (Santa, please bring me SingStar for Christmas!), and I even hooked up!!! Anytime someone brought up their kids…I made them drink. Ahhhh, just like the old days. Good times.

Nobody, but nobody gets between me and my nachos…

Deb setting us up for Beirut…kind of the lame-ass, I am really a parent version of Beirut but still I chugged…a little.

Before we had kids themed Yankee Swap…Condoms, beer, ArborMist, funky lights, Blondie…good stuff…Steve ended up with the best # and swiped the handmade purse that I wanted back for me…So psyched to have a husband!!!

Jay trying on his new thong…

Who gave this girl a microphone???

He’s Here!

We have a new member of the Nason family in the world…
Little Omar Thumati Nason made it into the world early this morning. 4 weeks early but 7lbs and 20 inches none-the-less.
Hope to have pictures for you soon! We got to see him over video chat this evening…oh the wonders of modern technology.
Until then welcome to the world, little man!
Big congrats to Phil and Sri…

Getting to the end of the season

End of the holiday weekend came peacefully. The girls and I went out to the Farm today. And though we didn’t do much, Ella declared today that all of today was her favorite part of the weekend. She also whispered quietly after staring a while at their new pumpkin light in their room…
“Mommy, will Furgalur’s (burglar in Ella speech) come to our house and take our pumpkin light?”
“No, Ella, they won’t.”
“Because there are no Furgalur’s in Maine?”
“Yeah—but where do they live?”
“I don’t know but not here.”
“Not here…Yeah, haaaaaa.”

Back to it…

How about this weather?

Things certainly are sunny and beautiful here in Maine. We are all feeling a little under the weather health-wise, however. Sneezing, dripping, coughing, head-aching season has started. We had a couple fun options and plans for this weekend, but cashed them in for staying home, cleaning, doing laundry and grocery shopping. And oddly enough…it feels just right. I think it had been enough days where we have needed some time at home to hang. In between all the organizing of our lives we have put in a couple fun things.

Saturday was a trip to the library, Ella’s dance class, out to lunch in Portsmouth, and then home. The father-less, husband-less, head-achey, sneezy, coughy Randall’s came over for dinner to join us in our similar fate…And it was perfect.

This morning, my sweet, darling husband let me sleep and sleep. And I only roused myself because I promised that I would run 5 miles this morning before he left. So I did. I have never laughed after a run, but I did today. It was that good.

In an effort to get some house stuff done…the Randall kids came to play with mine. So for 4 hours they yelled, screamed, coughed, blew their noses, and ran outside. Good for all of us. And I folded and folded, cleaned and cleaned.

Now the girls and I have collapsed on the sofas with the movie Dancing Shoes based on the awesome book. We will see what it holds but so far Ella is transfixed.

Here some fun pictures from today…

The Mighty Oreo!!

The kids in all their glory…

Miss Nason and some other good things…

I got this Name Poem handed to me today.

S-Supper ( I think she meant super, but Supper works, too.)
O-On Track
N-Not Mean

I like that I am “on track”.

The girls came home with two certificates on Friday.
Ella was caught “being unusually good” and yes-we have a Deputy Fire Marshal in our house. You can all feel very safe here.