How you know when your brain is going to explode and how to fix it…

At school I have been busy planning our 3rd annual Career Day for our 7th and 8th graders…great day, lots of prep, but well worth it. Yesterday afternoon I felt blah and tired and really just wanted to have a nice night at home, but alas T-Ball was in our world that night. Surprisingly it was just the right jolt of friends, outsideness, and fun that my body and brain needed so I returned home feeling good. As we walked in our phone rang and I was happy to say hello to my vice-principal. Sadly, she was calling to tell me that a beautiful, fabulous, amazing, wonderful, co-worker had finally succumbed to cancer. BLAH! So today started way too early with way too many tears. Kids, teachers, parents were all overcome by the loss of this beautiful woman. I can’t even describe how wonderful she was—impossible.
My day was HARD. But not just because of that loss but because of all the everyday things heaped on top of all that sadness.
But let me tell you I have the cure for when it feels like your brain is going to explode. See below.


8 thoughts on “How you know when your brain is going to explode and how to fix it…

  1. the roe family says:

    sending you big hugs. so glad you have those amzing little ladies in your life to help keep things in perspective and to always giv eyou good reason to smile.

  2. a-nugget says:

    What is going on with the cancer? Didn’t you just write about another faculty member like 6 months ago?? That is too bad, sorry to hear it. As for the cure- still working on that part. I almost called you last night, I had a really super-poopy day as well. We could have commiserated. You should call me next time you are in the mood to talk on the phone. Hope you day today is better….

  3. Jen says:

    Oh, Beth, Big hugs from here too. So often lately I feel like my job is just giving and giving and I look at the people in the post office, and the folks at the forestry building who ordered my trees and I think, What would it be like to just have a job where you don’t work with many people? Where you just do your work and kids’ futures aren’t affected? I don’t know. I think the giving and all the interconnectedness is exhausting, but could you ever trade it for the alternative? I have been finding the same solace with my kids in our yard and garden. Get home, plant something, carry water, hear birds, push Adah on the swing. It does heal you.

  4. i am trying not to become a cancer-obsessed freak, but it is EVERYWHERE and it seems like everything causes it. one of my few friends down here just had major major surgery for it this week…oy.
    very sorry to hear about your colleague.
    but glad you had some healing nature time–and is that the barn? i’ve never seen a long shot of the house before… it’s so cool.

  5. barngirl says:

    Ah yes-All of you are so good.
    Sarah- I will take that hug and can’t wait to get one in person in a month and a half.
    A-nugget-Talk on the phone? How do you do that? I wish I had—I will try to talk with you this weekend.
    JEN-I know what you are saying and have the same thoughts. Hence my craft co-op business idea which I fantasize about but will never actually do. Because I am kind of good at being a guidance counselor and I know you are soooo…..crap there we are. 😉 I am wondering if guys are still thinking of coming to the coast next weekend?
    Colleen-It feels suffocating sometimes-like it is creeping closer and closer, that cancer crap. AND on a much happier, lighter note-that is the barn. Thanks for thinking it is cool. Lots of work but it is getting there. Come visit with Therese some time-we will try to get you to eat BIG crawfish-all red and beady eyed..not selling it am I?

  6. meme says:

    My sympathies on the passing of another person who you spent time with, it is never easy. Big Mama bear hugs for you.
    Needless to say you were all on my mind today when I was in the ‘Cuse getting my car serviced….. So glad you had kid activity and a garden to raise your spirits. I just love what you’ve done to the place, and that you have iris already…..they are up and out early here, too. The lilacs are spectacular. Would you like me to pot one up?

  7. barngirl says:

    Meme-I love the IRIS-Steve calls them weird (in an affectionate way) I would L-O-V-E another Lilac. We have one little teeny one by the playset…it would love a friend. Steve planted two Endless Summers for me by the steps of the wall (in the picture). They already have blossoms on them so I am looking forward to some great blooms this summer. Thanks for the hugs…miss you.

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