How I want to remember the weekend…

These images and the knowledge that this awesome family came into our world by circumstances of life, the loneliness of a new mom in a new town and a risk I took to stop on my way home from work and ask Meg if I could be her friend. I am surprised she let me because dang that sounds pathetic. But they are still here 6 years later and I am forever grateful for that.

10 Things I wish I had Pictures of but….I don’t.

1) Finding Molly still snuggled with Obi in his crate after 20 minutes.

2) My husband’s face when he sees me after many days of not seeing me.

3) Obi on a tear through the house and then outside and then back in the house and then outside (though technically that would probably be video).

4) Of me in the air when I slipped, flew up in the air and landed flat on my back when I walked into school the first day back.

5) Ella’s face at the end of Harry Potter, Prisoner of Azkaban. Such excitement.

6) Molly’s face when I told her something about Star Wars “for the first time”. Tears and a huge smile full of pride for her mom who usually “doesn’t know about anything”.

7) The group of 5 year olds dressed in princess dresses dining for lunch on the deck at the Lambert’s. Jewels, pink lemonade in fancy glasses and cut out sandwiches. Made my heart skip at the sight of them.

8) Ella eating Oreos. Two handed hold while licking the heck out of that filling.

9) The kids seeing Steve after many days of not seeing him.

10) My completed quilt.