We had lemons…

Yesterday afternoon Steve and I hit ground zero with grumpiness. Low energy, humidity, and discovering the Thai take-out closed when we pulled into the parking lot… all clumped together to leave Steve saying that he would like me to drop him off in the middle of the traffic circle so he can yell at cars and me almost doing it whether he really wanted to or not. Sitting in the grocery store parking lot-I declared I did not want to cook. He looked at me and said, well let’s go to the East. And you know that feeling you get when you are in the middle of a ball of frustration, but then someone says exactly the right thing to loosen that knotty ball and all that frustration just falls away?!?! That is what happened. The East is a restaurant in Wells that serves Chinese, Japanese and Thai food and has the requisite crystal chandelier, fish tank with huge fish, and fountains at the entrance plus some good food.
We had a great dinner and the girls were in those moods of totally cracking each other up and loving each other. Those are good moods. So as we descended the steps of the restaurant I suggested a beach walk which was received with a resounding “YES!” How I do I describe the beach….I can’t completely because there are emotions that are too much to say out loud and I think sometimes lose their meaning when we try to put words to it. But at the base of it I felt such peace. Wrapped in Steve’s arm, the girls zooming around, Molly shouting which Star Wars character each of us needed to be-One minute I am General Grievous, the next Padma, the light of the sky, Ella telling us that she loved Molly more than anyone else in the world. All of that. The best lemonade in the world.

No Knead Bread

I made my first batch of bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and even though it did not turn out as pretty as I would have liked…it did taste amazing. We had it with lobster last night. And the whole process of cutting off a piece, letting it rest and then cooking all taking just an hour total was really awesome. We had two loaves of fresh baked bread on our dinner table with little effort. The only part that will take some working on is the whole cutting off a grapefruit size piece of dough and the cloaking, which is only supposed to take 60 seconds to do is a little confusing at first, but I think it will just take practice and it didn’t effect the flavor negatively by not doing it exactly right. Though…I think it may taste different when I finally get it right. I am looking forward to trying some different recipes once I get this down. The book has a couple interesting options. Also may have to end up buying two buckets to have two different recipes going at a time…a sandwich bread dough and a dinner bread dough.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

I made strawberry rhubarb crisp last night. It was on my list and I did it. We were all really happy I did. I had a great recipe from a friend, but I couldn’t find it. Soooo I went to my most favorite, new trusted recipe website that my sister told me about. If you haven’t found this yet you need to try it out. Love it. Tastespotting is an amazing site. And the recipe I found was from this blog after searching Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. She used Dorie Greenspan’s recipe from her book, Baking. Another book I would love to own, but have always been a bit overwhelmed by it. However, after making this crisp…WOW I think I need to get over my shyness.

Rhubarb scattered over the BOTTOM CRUST!!! Yes folks, yummy crust on the top and bottom.

Making the strawberry jam for the filling—I know, STRAWBERRY JAM!

The layering of the jam and the top crust brought an audience. Her nose told her something awesome was happening in the kitchen.

So pretty and bubbly.

With vanilla ice cream on the deck…perfect ending to a great day!!!


Took my morning wander around the yard. And over by a flower bed there is all this rough upped earth. Probably the kids, but in my brain…it was a moose. Because…it’s my brain. But oddly laying on top of the earth was this… It most definitely came from the men who built our barn. There was a shed on that spot where they worked and stored things. I know that much. But what is it? I am going to hang it up because I love the heavy metal logo feel to it. The heart and wings mixed with metal. If I had a heavy metal band…it would be our logo.

To do today:
1. Find our mason jars to store our freezer jam.
2. Freeze more strawberries.
3. Make Strawberry Rhubarb crisp.
4. Make radish butter and eat a radish butter sandwich for lunch. I have read a couple different sources that say it is amazing. I am going to go for it with fresh radishes I bought yesterday. May take Steve with me on that ride.
5. Hit up Marden’s for more fat quarters to start my quilt. I am going to make a quilt, damnit. Swearing makes it so.
6. Go to the Beach, but at this moment a little curious as to where the sun went?!?!
7. Hang with the family. No guests tonight for dinner or drinks…Molly wants a family Wii night. We will oblige.
8. Eat the strawberry rhubarb crisp. 🙂

A couple gifts for me…and it isn’t even my birthday.

I got a couple gifts this week. From special people…I feel lucky.

My necklace was made by a new really awesome friend for a thank you gift for me. Not really sure I did anything to really deserve such a special gift. I love it. The words are part of my favorite quote by Anne Lamott. Couldn’t be any more wonderful…I stop and admire it often. People may think I am looking at myself with such obvious adoration, but no it is my necklace…can you blame me?

Worked much with a girl this year…many frustrations, tears, sadness…but man she is worth it. She gave this wood block painting of herself to me so that I can always think of her…would have done that without the painting, but I sure do love that. It will find a home in my office.

And this is something I bought for myself and my family. A 6 qt. bread raising tub. I have also purchased the no-kneading bread cookbook. My goal is to get this down this summer so that by fall we will have fresh homemade bread whenever we want it…basically no more buying bread…and really there is nothing better than fresh baked bread. Am I right?!?!

Now—I have to start to think of some Father’s Day gift for that awesome man we call Dad in this house.

Who I live with…

Molly found my headlamp.
There is really nothing more that I need to say about that. However, I will say that on numerous occasions this weekend I found it flashing in my face.

This is also Molly’s doing.
Often I will be in a spot and return to it with a spider or bug, or frog sitting there. And sometimes, honestly, it makes me jump. It did tonight. I know that lizards are not usually glittery pink. You try living with her.


Ella brought home her artwork last night. Peeking through it last night I found this. I love it. I also love french fries. This morning she was telling me all about Andy Warhol and his style of painting. Now I also love her art teacher. Actually-when Steve said he saw him wearing a silk-screened Mr. T t-shirt, we both knew we liked him.

Interestingly enough..this…. was in Salon’s Pictures of the Week this morning…Only going for a cool 10 million. Silver Liz has not been seen in public for over 20 years. Do I hear 5 dollars for the french fries??? Actually—it is not for sale. That’s a keeper.