Baking Bread and Bourbon

1. Went out with a bunch of great women Friday night.
2. Talked about Books, Bourbon, and Bandaloop. Among other things, but really who doesn’t love alliteration?
3. Had a sad day on Friday. So the night was perfect.
4. For the first time I want to take a student home with me.
5. But who do I think I am?
6. Yesterday was a blur…filled with a lot of kid noise.
7. Today was sick day filled with coughs and sniffles and blowing of noses.
8. I made bread.
9. The girls and I made chocolate chip cookies.
10. I wish I knew what to write about.
11. We are out of bourbon.


Every M, W, and F from 5:30-6:30 a.m., there are a group of women who gather in a room and step up, step down, bring their knee up, etc, etc…all to very loud music. I have watched them curiously over the past months in my regular rotation between sit-ups and running. Before vacation as I was running on the treadmill and this group of women filed out of the room past my machine, I saw a good friend from work in the pack. I yelled HEY to her very loudly because I had my headphones on and we talked for a bit with her saying I should try this crazy activity.
SOOOO yesterday morning I found myself in the room with my step and my friend. And for about 10 minutes I t-stepped and basic stepped and A-stepped and tripped on the step and kicked the step. Then I picked up the step and put it away. Put on my headphones and went back to my weights and treadmill.
And as I started my tri-cep exercises and Santogold played in my head and my thoughts drifted into work, home and family I realized that my workouts have really become meditative for me. A time for me to move slowly through the motions with my own private soundtrack. It is becoming a habit.
That being said-I am pretty excited to say that I have dropped to a weight that I might not have seen since college. My body is probably stronger then it is has ever been. Even in high school when I was a skinny minny I did not have the muscle that I have now. And as weird as this may sound-I find myself touching my legs, my arms, my stomach-discovering this new body that is coming out of my old one. The other morning at my admin meeting, in the middle of the meeting, my vice-principal (of back-slapping consoling fame) leaned over to me and asked if I was losing weight. You have to know this man, but nothing about him is subtle…not his personality, not the work he does, not his words that come out of his mouth…nothing…So I responded quietly with a nod and a smile. He responded, “You are looking good…looking HOT!” and shot some finger guns and snaps at me. And even though it was completely inappropriate-I felt awesome.

So sorry to ramble on about me, but I have entered territory that I have never been in before and I have to say that I am ready to settle down.


images Grandma and Grandpa gave the family Barnes and Noble gift cards so the girls and I trekked into Portsmouth yesterday to spend spend spend. Ella excitedly shopped the chapter book section-looking for books that she can read herself. This is a fun independence. Her confidence in her reading has recently just shot through the roof and she has declared reading her “favorite subject”. Molly bought all the dancing princess, dora, diego, barbie soft covered books she could get with her gift card and has been pouring over them for the past day. Telling me details from the story as she sits next to me at the table with them spread around her.
And ME… I got Nigella Express. And have looked through it three times already. It is probably strange that I want to hang around with this woman. But I want her to cook for me and I want to see her flat in London. I want her to come to my house and stock my pantry with all of the food she loves-cook for me and fill my fridge with all of her food and then host a dinner party for me and my closest friends. Is that too much information??? But these are the things I think about.

And just a note…I love the YELLOW this morning. I will continue painting…Molly loves it too. Asking me to paint even the chairs yellow.

It only took 6 years and 8 months…

To paint this much. I would say at this pace we will be finishing the paint job…NEVER! But seriously what do you think? I am sitting at the dining room table pondering the yellow.
I will be interested to see how it looks in the day time. Right now I kind of think it makes the place look a little warmer. And then I have to wonder how the whole section will look with this yellow??? Huge commitment.
And can’t you see him silently judging me?