“Have you been to The Land of Happy,
Where everyone’s happy all day,
Where they joke and they sing
Of the happiest things,
And everything’s jolly and gay?
There’s no one unhappy in Happy, There’s laughter and smiles galore.
I have been to The Land of Happy –
What a bore!”
-Shel Silverstein

Steve read this at bed tonight. Ella nodded along through the poem and I smiled. With the final line, my jaw dropped and I exclaimed that was an awful poem. Steve started to argue, but Ella chimed in “If I had to hear all the time how happy everyone was it would make me angry.” She got it. She knows about emotion that kid.

Winter routine

I won’t begin to say that our life is busier than any other lives. I will say that it does take a great amount of energy for me to schedule activities into our weekday nights. That being said…we have our winter routine. After soccer season-I imposed a holiday break. No more activities until after the holidays. With parties and planning and family time…that was enough. Now, however, we are going to Portsmouth on Monday nights for acting class for Ella. To the Works on Wednesday nights for dance class with Miss Molly. Saturdays are Obedience classes for Obi. Let’s seeeeeeeee…I think that is enough.

I don’t know what it is but I savor our evenings. I love the pace around the house. Slow and steady. Chatter, playing, together, apart, eating, talking, music, dancing, singing. I love that. Two nights are good. They will break things up. The girls love what they are doing. We will go from there. Fingers crossed there will be a class for me on Tuesday nights in March. I think being almost forty…I totally think of that scene from When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan is crying because her ex-boyfriend is getting married and she is like “and I will be forty” and Harry says “when” and she says “SOMEDAY”…that I want to have some goals things to do, accomplish. My someday is right around the corner. I can spend some winter nights thinking about that for sure.

Ella’s first bag!

It’s a snow day here in Maine. First big storm of the season. Steve dropped Molly off at the Osbornes on his way to Boston (poor guy 😦 ) so Ella and I are getting some one on one time. She has wanted to learn to sew for a while so we figured today would be a great day for it. She made her first bag with some help from mom, of course, but she did a fantastic job and was an excellent student. Very proud of her finished product, indeed.

Curtains part deux

Steve left for Boston at 6:15 this morning so I was up and ready to attack today. The girls had wanted to go out for breakfast for french toast, bacon, oj and hot chocolate with whipped cream. However, we are all up by 6:45 and it was gray and cold out. So Momma’s Restaurant opened this morning at the breakfast bar and my girls got exactly what they wanted (probably better, just sayin’) and all in their jammies.

With the breakfast dishes cleared and oatmeal cooling for some bread making I started on the curtains.

And let me just say there is NOTHING fancy about these curtains. They are not lined, a little uneven, and probably will fade within a years time, but I am flippin’ proud of these curtains. Most importantly this little girl loves them. A lot.


Two nights ago after both girls were in bed and I was cleaning the kitchen, Molly called down from her room with a very earnest, “Momma?” Usually that is followed with a “my water bottle is empty” or “I can’t sleep” or “can you find some stuffed animal that I need desperately but have no idea where it is and haven’t seen it since last summer” so usually I might tend to respond with an already frustrated, “whhaattt…”. Two nights ago though her response went right to my heart strings and played on every inadequate mother feeling I have in my bones. “Momma? Did you know that I have wanted curtains in my room since I was three?” So innocent, so sweet, and so awfully right.
Two years ago I bought that girl curtain rods for her room. Two years ago I got fabric out of my bins, measured, measured again, measured again, cut and then that was it. No curtains made, bare windows in my little girls room. For two years on a fleeting weekend day she would make mention of the fact that I had yet to make her curtains and I would dismiss that notion with maybe next weekend. It never felt like it had been that long since I started that project. Ah…two years.
Today she and I went to Mardens and picked out the perfect curtain fabric. I have promised her I will make her curtains. She needs those curtains because her only New Years Resolution is to get over her fear of bad guys and especially her fear that General Grievous will land in her bedroom with his Battle Sphere. If curtains will help make that happen then it will be done.

Boy! Do we need a weekend around here. 8 days of sickness with Ella. Full week of just a little bit of Steve around. Back to school for Molly and me. A dog who chose last night, at the height of all of it to be a little rat. (Thank you kind sir for stopping in the middle of the road, watching me chase my dog around your truck with a sympathetic smile and get out so my dog could run to you and you could get his collar for me and thank you to the other kind sir in the truck behind him for being so patient and smiling kindly as you drove away.) This week has had a touch of craziness. I hear Ella cough and I want to punch something especially at three o’clock in the morning. I am so tired of my kid being sick and believe me so is she.

So here is to the weekend!