We’re Poolside

and I am blogging…Is that crazy? Actually I am perfectly justified because I can do whatever I want on vacation. Ella has turned into a jumping, splashing, swimming underwater fish. She has been in the pool for about an hour now and shows no sign of waning.
I took this picture last night. After a wild rainstorm we got to enjoy this sunset.

The rest of them-just a glimpse into our week so far…

Homeward Bound

This will be our view this time tomorrow. I put to bed two very excited little girls tonight.
What we will be doing this week.
1. Soaking up time with all the Roe Family. Niece, Nephew, Bros, Sisters, Dad, Holly and Great Grandma Roe.
2. Bonfires
3. Smores
5. Reading on the patio
6. Coffee and breakfast on the patio
7. Chalk on the patio
8. Swimming in the lake
9. Swimming in the pool
10. Swimming all the time says Ella
11. Breakfast at the Cherry Tree
12. Ice Cream at Molly’s Trolley
13. Sand Castles on the Beach
14. Strawberry Picking
15. Old MacDonald’s Farm
16. Kayaking
17. Did I mention reading on the patio?

And most importantly…being with my loveys. We will be on the road in the morning. May be checking in over the week…but maybe not. Yeah! SUMMER!

Funtown Splashtown

Funtown Splashtown USA-the summer home of so many of the kids in my school. I wasn’t going to go when our PTO offered a reduced rate trip, but then all these families spoke up about going and it felt doable if not even fun. OF COURSE, as we pulled into the parking lot, in followed the OOB Bus with a load of Rec Camp kids. Oh well…still much fun.
There wasn’t much time before Ella was in and soaking wet. This was probably taken 30 secs after getting there.

Molly and Andrew.

Some of the crew. The little girl on the end is Molly Mason. No lie. She was born a week after our Molly. She is a pistol.

Ella and Chloe

Lauren, Ella and Chloe

Mrs. Morneault was there. What a treat!

The whole gang waiting patiently to head over to Funtown. Wow! What great kids. They all played together so well. I even like their parents.

A thunder storm helped get us out of the park. I was so ready to go. I felt my skin starting to get crispy no matter how many layers of sunscreen I added. After some ice cream we headed home. It felt absolutely like summer today. And to top it off, as we walked over to our neighbors to pick up a package we found the first ripe blueberries of the season and they were OH so good. Nice!

Everyone but me

I must have had a crazy year because I never remember vacation feeling this good. Don’t get me wrong because I always loved me my vacations, but this one feels especially luxurious. Steve would probably agree I am a much nicer person to be around, as of late. Which of course makes us all nicer to be around.
Natalie is with us this morning and we had hoped to go Strawberry picking, but thunder and rain prevented that from happening. So instead we rolled down to Portsmouth to Joanne Fabric and Macy’s to get some errands done. Of course at the fabric store I did not find what I was looking for, but found a lot of fun crafty things for the girls. And then at Macy’s we hit the clearance rack for a bunch of good finds for the girls and even Steve got lucky with two new bathing suits. The man has lost a lot of weight and is looking good. And after getting many stares of both sympathy and frustration I dragged my wild crew out to the car and went home for lunch.

Here are the girls busy at work while I make lunch. Ella is doing “quality work”. So says she.

This is what our kitchen looked like today. I have to remember that cleaning IS part of the vacation life. We are reading Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle right now and the second chapter is the Won’t Pick up toys Cure…if you haven’t seen us in a couple days can someone please put some crusty bread with peanut butter through a window with a rake.

So here is the beginning of the placemats. I love the flower fabric. I have to figure out what to use for the edges…I looked for ribbon today but I didn’t find anything I loved. These are going to the Netherlands. Do you think making placemats means we will become friends and we can go visit this woman? Am I in this for the wrong reasons?

This is for me. Just a great song. Makes me happy everytime I hear it. I am pretty sure I sound awesome when I sing it, too.

Family Day

Ella always gets excited when Steve and I are both home and we can have “Family Days”. Before school was winding down we had the chance to buy Red Sox tickets from one of Steve’s co-workers and of course lo and behold we had two things come up for that day. Because Steve is ALWAYS working when these events come up we decided to fore-go the game and hang out with the locals. So we sold the ticket to a friend of mine and his wife and they had an awesome day and we headed out to Ella’s t-ball bbq and a friend’s summer solstice bbq. We had a great day.
We started out the day with some treasure hunting. I found some napkins I LOVE! I am sure they are homemade.
The girls each ended up with some treasures-Molly found a three pack of Angelina Ballerina Puzzles-and Ella got a butterfly pin she wore all day!
I did a little weeding…look at my lovely succulents, Holly. Should I move them from their box? They seem so happy there.

T-ball BBQ was a mad-house. Seriously seemed like there were 150 people there…if not more.
Ella immediately fell into her buds arms and was off…
Steve spent some time at dinner with his buddy-Aren’t you a little curious about why they look like they could be related…This kid can hit. We have no idea where his family was, but we loved having him join us for the meal

The whole reason we were there—the presentation of the trophies.

From here we went to our friends and it was perfect. Good food, good beer, and I didn’t take one picture because it was too much fun. And I wore my skirt and got TONS of compliments and got to tell everyone, “Yeah, I made it.” Off to tear my hubby away from the Wii. Not sure that was the best idea for a Father’s Day gift…;)

There are about 100 things I should be doing right now.

But you know what I am on vacation! I just set everything up to start going through the girls clothes to get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t fit and it too winter-y. That includes music and trash bags…but I can not get started. I am on VACATION!

We went to do some food shopping today. We stopped at Riverside for some bread and veggies and while I was starting to put my food on the counter I heard someone say “hello Beth Nason” and when I turned around I saw a long lost friend standing there with a VERY pregnant belly. The lovely Kate Roberts, who was Steve’s roommate when we met and then became my roommate for a few months was standing there. So awesome to see her and her belly. What fun. She got married two New Year’s Eves ago and they had the BEST wedding song. They danced-like really danced to Walk the Line. It was so good. The suck-y part is that she and her husband really live like 10 minutes from us and we haven’t seen them in over a year. Man-we suck.

Tonight I am starting the napkins and placemats for the Swap I am participating in. They are due July 7th so I would like to try and get the most of it done before we go to the lake.

I am taking a class this summer with the awesome Professor Fall. Other than that we are just playing. I have signed the girls up for a Fairy Tale Dance Camp this summer for a week. And Ella is doing the Strawberry Banke camp for a week. I can’t think of anything more we need beside the pool. But now I have to get to work so that I will not feel guilty while I am sitting at Smitty’s tonight watching Kung Fu Panda.


I finished it! I can’t believe it! It’s true! I wish I had a better picture, but this will do.
I am wearing it tomorrow. Amy Butler’s Barcelona Skirt Pattern!! Lovely! It fits perfectly. I NEVER finish my own projects!! YEE HAW!

The end of another school year is upon us and we celebrated Father’s day!

I have so many pictures to share. Can you handle so many pictures? Please don’t miss out on kindergarten theatre on the post below. This post will take up so much space, I don’t want anyone to miss it. There are that many pictures.
First off, Molly completed three months of pre-school and got to participate in their little ceremony. If she looks a little shell-shocked it is because SHE IS. She was awesome though. She had huge eyes and kind of a nervous-ness about her. But she stayed up there and sang two songs and let us take her picture. Much happier when it was all over. She is a brave little chicken, that one.

Getting her picture taken-Can’t you just see the bewilderment?? Too cute.

Molly and Lincoln

Momma and Molly-I couldn’t stop giving her the thumbs-up sign through the whole thing and smiling. I think at one point she looked at me like-Enough already, MOM.

Sunday we went to visit Phil and Sri and the bean in her belly in Boston. Sri is the only one I am posting because all the rest of the pictures came out yucky-I truly look like I am “special” in the one picture I am in. Seriously-I told Steve that if he loves me he will tell me that I look like that before I leave the house. What is wrong with me? Someone please help me! I told him people were probably driving by going-“Why are they letting that crazy woman hold that little girl’s hand?” Ahhh-well, at least the rest of my family looks good. And Sri is in that Super Woman phase of her pregnancy. SO all is good on that front. Molly is so excited that she poked and poked at her belly. Very cute.

Tonight I stopped to pick up some eggs and veggies from the farm and lo and behold they had strawberries. So I made Jen’s yummy Rhubarb crisp with Strawberries, too. Holy Awesomeness! Nice treat to celebrate the end of the year. We all gave it two thumbs up. Except Molly, who apparently does not know how to give thumb’s up.

So we practiced and after much laughter…TADA!

And last but not least…Ella finishes a fabulous year of school tomorrow. She had a great time and so did we. We have made awesome friendships in both the kids and the parents. Tonight I made a little bird for her teacher. I really have to work on my hand sewing. So you are seeing the side that doesn’t have the hand sewn part. Hopefully, it will remind her of that lazy bird-Maizy…

Did you like how I brought back to Horton??

Only three days of work left!!!! Yahoo!!!