Where I have been the past few days….

“Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school. Back to school. Well, here goes nothing.” -Name that movie-

Well I am back at it! A new year with a new principal. I am one happy chick! This man is amazing. Seriously in 9 years of education this has been the best 2 days of my career. I am not even exaggerating.
He is thoughtful, he follows through with things, he OWNS our school-he cares about what is happening, he is smart, he knows what he is doing. Then paired with our Amazing Vice Principal who is tireless in her enthusiasm, energy and caring for our kids- we are in such a good place. Now I just worry about consolidation. Consolidation is the State of Maine’s excuse not to fund education. Argggg…what a career I chose.

So with my new found energy I have finally after 4 years moved my back office around. And I love it. Though most of you have never seen the before, sorry but this is the after. It is a nice little space. My favorite part. My front office is big…meetings and groups happen there. I have a couch, etc….but the back office is cozy and I just love it.

This is my new table for things to be accomplished. As you can see I have much to be accomplished. Darn it. Oh well. I have great energy and plans for the year. Study skills, friendship groups, Girls Group, Student Council, Student Assistance Team, Junior Honor Society, and on and on and on….Talk to me next week.


Just a thought at the end of a day….

A Wish For You
—Susan Roth-Weitzel

If I could blow a dandelion
And make your dreams come true
I’d wish only the very best
In all the world for you
I’d ask the fairies to please
Leave the stardust in your eyes
And not disturb the shining
Dreams you hope to realize
I’d ask the shadows not to cross
Your path to cause you to falter
And I’d ask the Lord to
Bless you, always my daughter

Uncle John

A great visit with Uncle John…though at times our family was a number one form of birth control. Sorry Uncle John. Ella sure does love him…Molly just doesn’t trust him-“Your mommy is NEVER coming back” Gee I wonder why?!?! Thanks for being so patient and kind to our kids, Uncle John. We had a great time with you!
Wish the rest of the siblings could have been there. We sure miss you too, Ally!

My new Urn-inals…

We got a couple gifts while we were away.
Meme gave me a couple Urns I had been coveting for a while now. I think they have found a perfect new home by our stone wall. And as we were standing admiring our new urns in their new home we noticed that our house looked a whole lot cleaner…Yeah Mom and Marty…they have started. It already looks awesome!
I also spent a good part of the day planting a bunch of irises, a hosta, and a autumn joy that Meme gave me from her gardens. I hope that they will make it in their new homes. I am always so nervous about gardening. I am sure that I am going to kill plants. Keep your fingers crossed. We will see what transpires next spring.

What we love best about the cottage-the most beautiful sunsets…

Ella being a majestic eagle…

My new boyfriend…

Uncle John…