Well here I am…

I just loved our new wall/seat/shelves…I had to leave that post up for a MONTH. Did you all absorb it’s loveliness? We are still loving it especially with our beautiful new stereo/speakers in that corner. NOW if I could just get my butt to a fabric store to pick that out so I can match paint and start that part. I love painting. Though sadly I will no use for indoor scaffolding. Sniff.

We had a little spring mixed with summer lately. In fact…when I picked up Ella at school today and gave her a hug-she turned with disgust and told me “You Stink”. And thank you. It is not easy being a mom. This after she asked me at bed time the night before why my butt was squishy. But I digress.

I am back. I am going to attempt to post again. I am going to try to find the blog magic…and away we go.