How to get through Turkey Day Eve as a single parent….

I have to give credit to my friend, Meg. This morning, while the girls were entertained for a moment watching the electricians working at our house, I made a quick phone call. In the course of the call we both were brainstorming ways that we can keep our kids active and busy while we work. She mentioned having her children collect acorns for the candle centerpiece. Hers looks a little different but the idea is the same and so great for the kids to do-active outside and they could do the whole thing without help from mom. So these are our center pieces and Ella improvised with the little bit of green.

So what do you do when they are done with that task in 15 minutes? (Was hoping for a little longer) Send them out with the camera with many pleads and gentle reminders to be careful with Mommy’s camera and let them shoot away. And as I was looking through them tonight-I enjoyed a couple of them.

The majestic Oreo. Love this cat and so does Molly. He was the subject of many of her shots. Not all as majestic as this one.

Ella’s jump rope handle. She has been a jump roping fool, as of late. She has just taken off and we hear a lot of “Cinderella, dressed in yella, went downstairs and kissed a fella…” This picture actually made me laugh a little. Just cute.

Molly’s second favorite thing…Sissy.

Seashells. Just Seashells.

And BAM Ella…she can touch that tongue to her nose and then to the back of her neck. She comes by that honestly…Roes are a long tongued family.

And when that was done…just let the little rats help me cook. Took a little longer but I am thankful for the hugs and kisses that come along with the work. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Happy Thanksgiving!

Who is that person?

12439_1276418154323_1346058520_30781080_8136004_n Today my sister-in-law posted this picture of my older brother and I on Facebook. I have not been able to take my eyes off it. Partly because we were so cute, but also because who is that? Where were we? The only thing I remember about that picture is the bike. I loved that bike. My grandparents had that bike. I clearly remember feeling awesome riding that bike, but—I was older than that in those memories and it was in Florida that I was riding that bike.

Anyway. Life is strange and awesome. Thanks Sarah for sharing.


We got to spend the day with Omar on Sunday. I got my baby fix and it was oh so good.

Must admit, I have been feeling the urge to expand the brood. Freaking Steve, right out. Though he covered well and suggested calmly that we invite Omar to spend some time with us. So even though Phil and Sri did not want to give him up at all…after much arm twisting we got Omar and they got a few hours alone.
Watching the girls care for and play with Omar was worth it in and of itself. However, carrying the little man on our walk…feeling him settle in to snooze on back…laying him down for more nap…feeding him-that fed every bit of that baby desire. When I walked into to the t.v. area and smelled the smell and changed the diaper and the outfit and carried him to the sink to clean the mess…well then I was downright stuffed and ready to have my life the way it is. 🙂

But the joy of it all is the chance to have him back…that I am looking forward to….and who wouldn’t?


P1020981 We are still working on Halloween candy here. I have discovered that I don’t really like candy anymore. I try to eat it. I really do because I don’t like to be a quitter. However, even my favorites, like Butterfinger and Snickers just don’t bring the same joy. In fact the sugar almost seems to sting my mouth. MY KIDS, on the other hand, get extreme pleasure from candy. During a mid-morning candy break this is how I found Ella eating her Butterfinger. In a pile of leaves, legs up to the sky, giggling madly. I took my picture and left her alone in her candy buzz. Nutball.

And this is Molly. Molly has a sense of style that is all her own. She is a little pixie. I wish there was a way I could capture her personality perfectly on this page, but this picture is a start. She is chapped lips and style, she is tumble to the ground and jump up and twirl, she is so much energy and then quiet and cuddly. She is Moo-Cow and Molly and Margaret. Amazing.

Yesterday was a fabulous day. One of the really good ones. The girls and Levi and Lilia played Star Wars on and off for about 3 hours yesterday. Costumes, whispered conversations on top of the swing set, loud yelling bursts across the yard, discussions about who is good and who is evil, and passionate talks on top of the stone wall about what is happening for their character in that moment. And then Grandpa and Meme arrived so there was a wave of craziness, then a glass of wine for the grown-ups and a walk.



Yeah-that is Oreo realizing that darn dog is back. This summer in an attempt to help “desensitize” the cat to the dog we let Scout out on the deck…Oreo freaked and run right through the screen. It all happened so fast, but it was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

After the Lamberts left, we had a little quiet lego time and then the Osbornes arrived for lobsters. Everyone ate, talked, drank some wine. Kids got along, Scout was quiet, we had a open, calm conversation about gay marriage, heard about plans and dreams for Airstream ownership, and overall the only thing missing was Steve. That would have made the day perfect.

And as I was cleaning up a bit after everyone left and the kids were in bed, I was struck with how much DUST lives in our house. Everywhere and I wondered do people dust? Cause obviously we do not-not on a regular basis and I think we should-so today I am going to buy dusting stuff.

Here we are…

P1020953 Still here…living life full of color, energy, and goodness. And as much as I had thought about going over what we have been up to over these many months and the trials of the transition from the wonderful looseness of summer to the structure and rhythm of fall, I think I will just say “phew” and move on to the present.

Last night, I attended, in the freezing cold, the semi-final play-off football game for Old Orchard Beach. An amazing, heart-breaking game as our team lost in O/T. All you family members with your Gulls Football shirts…wear them with pride because they had an awesome season this year.

Today we are looking forward to playing with two of the three Lambert kiddos, getting a visit from Grandpa, Meme, and Scout, eating some Lobster and enjoying a slower pace from a somewhat fast-paced week. Tomorrow we are going to have a visit from Omar for the day and then meet up with all the Nasons for some pizza in Portsmouth in the afternoon. And right this minute, I am struggling to even finish this post as my little Molly, who is not so little, keeps interrupting to have me look at her letters she has written or write a letter she can not write or tell me a story about something that has happened to her, or ask me about what I am writing. 🙂 Maybe that has something to do with where I have been….

And I will leave you with a favorite song to run to…