More rain

Tonight it came again bringing more thunderstorms with it. Here is Ella in her thunder tunnel. She was much safer inside it. Can’t you tell.

But after the storms can be fun.


I have had a weird day. Suffice to say…that about sums it up. Can’t really describe why.

I went into work today. So it is always bizarre to be back there after being away.

We had librarian interviews today and there was one candidate who I almost laughed out loud when she came in the room. No…maybe laughter wasn’t the emotion…maybe cringing. And that felt so mean. So that wasn’t good. But it was true. Someone said afterward…I just wanted to give her the gong. Painful.

I got home and ran. It was a great run. Short 2 miles but good. And I listened to this song three times while I was running. A great running song. Not M.I.A’s best but it fit so perfect with my pace.

That is all I have to say about today.

OH P.S. Funny Website

A little bit crispy…

Couldn’t have had a nicer day to be poolside. We had a lazy morning and after lunch met up with some friends at the Works. The kids all swam and played and played and swam. And all us mother hens, cluck, cluck, clucked away. Really we sounded like that. The big kids all did their big kid thing. The fun was watching the Mollys and Andrew play. After a warm up period the three of them took off into the pool and were running through the water spouts, playing ring around the rosy and falling in the pool with big splashes. Laughing, and laughing…so cute.

The other part of our evening besides dinner was playing Hannah Montana on the Wii. I am really good at it. But I am starting to feel used. Ella has me do the concerts so she gets the money to go shopping for more clothes, etc.. for Hannah. Oh well.

It was a good day. AND I froze more KALE. I think we have enough…don’t you?

What 7 years means to me…

Happiness, challenges, two gorgeous girls, fluctuating weights and pant sizes, being madder than I have ever been, being happier than I have ever been,  trying things I would never think to try on my own, knowing that in my saddest, scariest times I have the most supportive shoulders to lean on, I can live in an R.V. while pregnant BUT I never want to do it again, building/creating the most wonderful place for our family, learning that you can fall in love over and over with the same person,  you never really know someone totally-what a joy to keep learning new things about you!, welcoming new family members who are just so darn cute, being more tired then I have ever been, being more alive then I have ever been.

Thank you, my maine man, for loving me so wholly, completely, fantasically, and like I have never been loved before (in a clean way, Allyson and Kelly get your minds out of the gutter).  You are who I am supposed to be with and I know that to be true as every year gets better and better.

New fun places…

This morning the girls and I went to see one of Ella’s friends in a play at the Hackmatack Playhouse in Berwick.

What a gem this place is. I must have driven by it a gazillion times and always wanted to go. This was the perfect first experience. It was a beautiful cool morning and despite getting stuck in the muddy lawn while parking we were excited to be there. Ella freaked out-wailing, will we ever get our van out of there?!?!?! Jackson was performing a play from the camp he attended for the month of July. This guy can sing and dance and ACT! He was awesome. Fun for Ella to see him perform.

And we did get our van out with the help of about 5 strapping young men. Not bad…not bad at all.

We better love kale

When I walked into the barn and saw the garbage bag full of Kale waiting for me…I laughed out loud. All by myself-cracking up in the barn. SO THAT is what 10 bunches of Kale looks like.

It also helped make plans for me tonight. Who wants to go to a bar and watch a comedian with fun people from work?!?! NOT ME! Instead I drank a glass of wine and chopped leaf after leaf of Kale.

And this is my daughter…

Please someone send aid…I am drowning in Kale….

We have reached extreme laziness

This has been the week of doing nothing, but surprisingly I feel no guilt about that laziness.  In fact I am relishing this laziness.  My day basically consists of going to the gym and then the VERY basics of existence.  It is awesome.  Today our basis was haircuts for the family.  We had all become very shaggy.  My hair was even curly…actually that was just because of the humidity…but I dare to dream. 
Here is Molly and I with our new dos. Molly has bangs. Ella has decided to grow her’s long…oh joy. We will see-Irish was giving her all the things she had to do to train her hair to grow out right. JOY! Really that means a whole lot of fighting between she and I. Oh well.

Well back to doing nothing…Will someone please tell me whether or not I should take a class next week? 8-4 Monday to Friday. Great Professor…good stuff…But 8-4 Monday to Friday. Arrggggg. It really gets in the way of my laziness.

Dinner tonight

We made pizza tonight.  My favorite…

One was a pesto pizza…mmmmmmm…with fresh tomatoes.

For Sarah-I put a little olive oil on the crust-sprinkle with mozzarella and parm and then tomatoes.  I suppose you could add garlic too but I don’t use it.  Cook it in the oven for 10 minutes.  After I take it out I dollop the top with the pesto.  MMMMMM…I just got hungry.

Two was Kale, Sausage, Mushroom, Carmelized onions and Garlic.

Kale is so good.  I just bought a freezer special from the CSA—1 buck a bunch for 10.  I will have some freezing to do on Thursday.

For Cokane-So easy to freeze kale.  Bring pot of water to a boil.  Dump in your kale let it boil for 2 minutes.  Then dump it into a bowl of ice water.  Called Blanching.  Then lay it out to dry.  Freeze.  Just like frozen spinach…thaw and use.

Now if I could just get my butt to the raspberries.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon?!  I would like to make some jam, too.  I missed strawberry season.

Another bag…

Alright these bags are becoming kind of meditative.  I know how to make them without any set of instructions now.  Now I am looking into experimenting with different fabrics.  Maybe corduroy?  I love the idea of an Etsy shop.  I think I could be so low-key about it.  However, I am not sure that I am artistic enough to actually sell things.  And really—there are a lot of bag, baby blanket, and other makers out there.  But still I could toss my hat out there.  I need to get a little better at sewing too.

On more of a life in a barn note…we had a great visit with Mom and Marty.  Yesterday after a morning at the Works, we all headed out to see Wall-E.  Ella didn’t care for it but Steve, Molly and I thought it was great.  Grandma and Grandpa left with Ella about half way in.  After the Movie we all went out for Loco Coco’s Tacos.  So yummy!  They left this morning but it sure was nice to see them.

Today-we all hung really low around the house.  It was much needed and everyone seems to be back on an even keel.  Including being big weirdos.  We have new baby birds on our deck.  Three little flycatchers have arrived last week.  They are so sweet.  Right now Steve and Ella are pretending to be Mommy and Baby birds without the regurgitation-thank the pope.

I am back to running and today completed 3 miles.  Small victory for me.  Dear Beth, please remember that you like excercise and you like feeling good.