NC Roes

Great Pictures came from MEME yesterday.
We opened the picture of Kate on the tractor and Ella gasped and said “Kate looks BEAUTIFUL!” And we all awwwwed at how big and cute Trey has gotten. Well, actually Molly pointed at Trey and said “That’s ME”. But the rest of us were enjoying his cuteness.

Miss those fine people done there…

Another day home…

I stayed home AGAIN today. Can you believe it? I can. It was great. I took Ella and Natalie to dance class today. Getting all geared up for the big recital. Not really sure how I feel about all this. It is pretty serious stuff. The girls will have a certain hair-do AND they have to wear blush and RED lipstick. Ella will love it but I don’t know how I feel about it. I am just hoping she gets on the stage. Let alone do the dance. Lots of anxiety for 30 seconds of dance, oh man. There is even a dress rehearsal.

But that aside, after we dropped Natalie off Ella and I sped home for a quick lunch before we headed out for haircuts. Ella’s cut is really sweet. Layered in the back and shows off her gorgeous long neck. I will take a picture. Then we went to pick up coffee and to the library. Ella’s day only got better when Corinne let her help unpack the NEW doll house furniture and be the FIRST kid to play with the dollhouse, etc. I got a lot of free time to browse upstairs. I bought another book for the library called TALES OF A FEMALE NOMAD…I am only 10 pages in and I already LOVE this book. Recommended to me by a friend. By Rita Golden Gelman. Go get it TODAY!

RAN 2 MILES today-non stop no walking. It was awesome. But I am already sore.

Had a great dinner. Steak mushrooms asparagus and then a half hour of playing games with the kids or also known as being bossed around by Ella while Molly cracks Steve and I up and Ella gets mad. Molly is such a blast. That is one little girl who LOVEs life. She wakes up singing and goes to sleep singing. And laughs, cries, screams, yells, talks, jumps, bounces, hugs, kisses, falls down, rolls around, giggles, sings, all in between. I love watching her.

Great day, great night!
Looking forward to playing with Charlotte and Lori tomorrow, and a visit to the Chapmans on Sunday. Try to take some pics along the way!

tuesday no running/walking just feeling bad for myself and my sickness…Wednesday got to stay home because Grace was recovering from a bug. So today I feel better.
Ran 1.5 miles…walked the rest… 2 miles.

Chinese food with the Randalls tonight.
Girls were all tired out when we got home.

Back to reality tomorrow but things are settling on the work front. Testing is over so I can get creative again! I am doing a fun project with some 4th graders. Life/Memory Boxes. Fun decorated boxes that they put memories in and share with the group. Mem Fox wrote a wonderful book called Wilford Gordon..something something. So sweet. Young boy creates a memory box for a woman who is suffering from alzheimer’s. Very touching. So we will read that and then do the project.

Any ho…started my embroidery tonight. Napkins with our initial on it with some design. Good for a first project. Simple. Need to get a little more fancy with my work.

Time for bed…YAWN