Something to make this weekend

May have to bring these to the Superbowl Party!


Lots and lots of little things…

We are living in the world of High School Musical currently. The girls have watched the movie a gazillion times and we have bought the music. I was relatively surprised at the innocence of the movie and I give it my guidance counselor thumbs up for a decent message. After watching it many times with the girls, we have good talks about what is nice, what is not so nice, and we sing and dance. I am a little scared to admit that I like the music, but I have always been a musical lover. In an attempt to remain cool…please watch the madtv version of High School Musical.

Discovered the following blog from an 8th grade girl today. I am so sure that I am the last person in the universe to find out about this, but I was really intriqued by this.

I am enjoying the new HBO show In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne. First of all, I love Gabriel Byrne. Second-I love therapy. Go figure.

08aspr_wg293_m01.jpg This is my current dream clothing website. BodenUSA I want EVERYTHING! Okay so maybe one thing would do, but still everything would be much better.

I need help. I won a pair of earrings from this woman’s awesome jewelry on Etsy.
Check her selection out-do you have a favorite? Which one would you think would be my favorite? A chance to procrastinate for you all and help me make a tough decision.

Brownie Points has a “naughty” idea for Valentine’s Day. Good for a laugh.

An old favorite song I can’t get enough of recently…

There is a new wave of Guns and Roses love in our middle school-one boy is starting to transform into Slash. They are even wearing the tight jeans.

Other than that-Molly is sick, Ella is getting sick and the tickle is in my throat too.
Could be a short work day tomorrow.

When in Maine…

Could weekends go any faster? We had another good one up here in the snowy North. The girls and I spent another glorious morning at the library on Sat. A benefit to small town living is that you get spoiled by the librarians. We easily spend two hours every Sat. playing, doing crafts, reading books. And they ALWAYS have munchkins and coffee. By the time we are done it is lunch time. A great winter Sat. morning.
We got an invite to join the rest of the Nasons in the big city for dinner and headed over to Redhook for a good visit. Excited to hear that good things are happening for Phil and Sri and they will be settling back in Boston VERY soon.
Steve and I watched a GREAT movie last night called the Namesake. Seriously-an awesome movie. Highly Highly recommend it to everyone. Ahhh-even thinking of it now I am awash with good feelings.
This morning we woke to more snow in the air and on the ground. We bundled up and headed over to the sled hill in the next town over to meet up with friends.
sledding group
Great sledding. The first walk up the hill resulted in all of us falling on our faces as we soon realized that underneath the powder was a SHEET of ice. But as we found our footing and weathered the few white out rides as the sleds and our bodies wiped the trail clean, the rides got faster and more AWESOME! I, unfortunately, couldn’t seem to make it down the trail without wiping out half way down. I almost lost Molly on one run as the jump made itself more pronounced. Steve was a glutton for punishment and took many rides that resulted with him face first in the snow
wipe out steve
But with hot chocolate and coffee to warm our bones after hours of snow fun it seemed totally worth it. Talk to us tomorrow when we are stiff and sore.
Best be signing off, as I am returning to my napkin making frenzy. Here’s to hoping the week flies by and we will be cheering the Pats onto a 5th  4th Superbowl Victory next weekend in no time.

Sugar Plum Momma

Here I am on a Friday night, in my jambams, sitting in my “new” sewing area.   I am trying to let go of my sewing frustrations.  I finished a set of napkins and had moved over to finishing a blanket I am making.  Very sure I was going to finish it tonight, except for the binding.  My machine did not agree.  It kept swearing at me and finally kept spitting out my thread at me.   I am pretty sure it needs a new needle.  But at this stage of the evening I think to myself, time to let it go until another day.  I have had enough frustration from the week to last me.

Schools on a regular basis are the most frustrating, confusing, satisfying, and inspiring places to work.  On most days I encounter something I didn’t know was possible.  On the best days I am blown away by the little people that are in my life for such a short snapshot of their yet to be determined lives.   Somehow I got wrapped into being the “advisor” for our “new” student newspaper…The GULLzette.  Catchy, I know.   Developing our name was our first order of business.  But this afternoon, I spotted a 5th grade boy who at every opportunity between yesterday afternoon and today told me how excited he was to be working on the paper.  He was sitting in the office at the end of the day with a pad and pen in hand.  He had an appointment to interview the asst. principal…the kicker being that on the side of his hat he had TAPED a piece of paper on which he had written PRESS.  This is my world, folks.  Alternating with the homeless student who has to be removed physically by police officers from the van that transports him to school and the love sick 7th graders whose grades are dropping because they can’t take their eyes off each other and the crazy teacher who tells the principal that she is upset because I am “snubbing” her and the 4th grader who stared at me nodding his head, almost relieved,  as I reprimanded some classmates who had laughed at a gay joke.  It is tiring, fantastic and everyday when I walk into my office I feel like I have entered my second home.  But the beautiful part being that at the end of the day-I leave to go HOME.

Tonight I was sitting on the couch, girls in bed, and truly vacating my brain of all the activity when little feet pattered on the floor above my head.   Molly has a slide in her room that goes from her loft to the floor and there is this lovely sound that she makes when she slides down onto the floor.  Steve and I often mimic it when we are lying in bed and she announces her arrival to a new day.  Shhhhhhhttt-thump and down the stairs she came tonight.  On most nights I scoot her back upstairs, protective of my couple hours before I am dragging myself to bed.  But tonight when her little face peered at mine and she said, “me snuggle with you.” I couldn’t say no.  And I am so glad I didn’t.   It was a moment that defies any true definition.  But I could only think of how fleeting this whole thing is and how so soon this baby-ness will only be truly brought to mind by looking at pictures.  I was telling a pregnant friend today how sometimes I look at the girls and I can’t even really believe that I was ever pregnant….that they were EVER growing inside me.  They have just gotten so big.  They are moving away from me and towards who they are becoming.   So I wrapped that little being into my arms, pulled her on top of me and we just lay there in silence for a few minutes until she asked me to take her to bed.

Good Night, Sugar Plum, I whispered…Good Night my Sugar Plum Momma, she whispered back.

This is Molly…

Molly would like to be a doctor or a movie star when she grows up
She will be a doctor first and then she will be a movie star.
When she is a movie star she will wear a sparkly dress with a sparkly hat (wave hands to demonstrate the sparkly-ness). She will have a horse named sparkle and her movie will be sparkly.
But until then she will put black chalk on her nose and eat strawberry jam on bread with wild abandon.

A lot happened and all was good.

Great weekend! Phew-after friday I will say this weekend was much needed and enjoyed by all. After a day of the library, lunch, and some girl time-Charlotte came to spend the night. The cousins had a fabulous time and there was much sadness about her departure come sunday morning. I was excited to get out of the house as I had a day of sewing ahead of me in Portsmouth. Very fun class mostly because I got a chance to be around other people who were excited about learning to sew. The instuctor was fun and seemed to inspire a lot of energy into all of us about what we can do. I left with a pile of fabric and thoughts about more that I want to create.
As I ran out of town, I got to see a glimpse of Phil and Sri crossing the street and a quick chat before I was racing home to get to the Randalls to watch the Pats WIN (who sucks Pedro?) Have to say I was just as excited to see the Giants win! Two great games, second one-SOOOOO cold, wow! Great time with the Randalls. And brought two sleepy girls home much later on.
Today we got to spend a lovely afternoon with the Chapmans. So great! Hard to say how much I love spending time with them. I only wish we were closer.
the girls
some homemade margharitas and football
Pats WIN!!!
This cowgirl is out of here.
Started the visit with some good ole’ fashion sack races
Victory is sweet!
Such a long way from lazy grad school days
part 2
Poor Adah-surrounded by goons
funny faces
Really the best part of the whole weekend-When Ella read us Green Eggs and Ham. It took a couple sittings but it was really quite awesome-breathtaking. She is really starting to crack the code. Sounding out words is coming easier and easier.
We made a picture today-Super Daddy and Molly to the rescure with their helmets.
super people to the rescue
Made some new napkins-“sew” easy. hahaha
The fabric I picked out for my skirt.
skirt fabric

We are finishing off the weekend watching StarDust. Great fantasy movie. Witches, magic, enchanted love. I recommend it. Plus it has Claire Danes. Really Love Her!

So despite wishing I was some place really warm, i will head back to school tomorrow. We have another day of Steve before he heads back to work. We will probably catch up on the Wire tomorrow night. Another great season.
All I wish is that I could spend more time with the fam. I wish we had ONE more day. I am feeling greedy.