Winter Barn Party

Yeah-I suck at taking party pics. A friend brought her camera and snapped away so hopefully I will have some more to share at some point.
Good party.
Ummmm—highly recommend the Wesleydale cheese. A smooth cheese from England with cranberries in it. We are hooked. Can’t get enough.
And we got enough wine from people to have another party. Anybody in?

Steve and I grabbed the kids from our friends this morning and we all went out for breakfast. Good greasy, egg and bacon breakfast…perfect for what ailed us. I cleaned…Steve and the girls went sledding…I ran.
NOW we are all in jammies, ready for leftover party snacks, and going to introduce the girls to the world of Star Wars. 4,5, and 6. Not the first three. I am actually hoping to snooze through some of it.

Tomorrow we are off to Boston to visit with the Nasons. Good capper to a good vacation.

Sisters have a sleep-over!

Well, it is official. We have survived our first double sleep over. And beside Molly and Charlotte thinking that her ladder, slide, and plastic rocking horse needed a new paint job…it went off without a hitch. Ella and her friend some how managed to stay up until 10:45 p.m. Needless to say Ella was dragging this evening until she and Molly found a burst of energy during an after dinner dance party.
Steve and I….also dragging. We will be in bed early after watching Lost. Though I hear…it was the worst episode ever. Hmmmmmm.

Tomorrow! Grown up Party!!!! I am going to take pictures. I never take pictures at a party. TOMORROW I will take pictures

Worth the wait..

p1010743Steve and I finally had our Valentine’s dinner last night. Worth the wait. FiddleHead Farms Market had a special that included a cheese plate, herbed butter, and a bottle of wine from the wine and cheese shop, chicken wrapped bacon from the Meat House, Stuffed Lobster Tail (stuffed with shrimp and a huge, amazing scallop), green beans, red potatoes, rolls and dessert for two all for 60 bucks. It was so fun and delicious. We started eating at 4:30 and were done at 8:45. p1010724
Cooked and enjoyed all in the comfort of our own home. Might have to become a tradition.
Then we had some snuggle time with the girls and a photo shoot.


p1010714 We went out to dinner last night with our neighbors, The Osbornes. I wore these tights and these boots. The picture does not do the tights justice. They are sparkly. Gold and Purple striped and dazzling. We had a hysterical time. On a recommendation and Steve’s need for Thai Food, we went to the Blue Elephant in Ogunquit. Each step of the meal was met with delays and blunders, but the food was really good. And the company funny…One of the owners came out at the end of the night with a cupcake and ice cream on the house for each of us and declared us the rowdiest group they have had.
It must have been my tights.

The rest of the day was fun and productive. We went to visit friends’ new puppy. A little, chunky, big pawed, beefy head, Lab puppy. Sooooo cute. She is due with their third in June and they just got a puppy. I am so in awe of her ability to handle all that. He is worth it though…little puppy. We stole their kids from them and went home to paint. The kids played, destroyed, played, went outside, played, destroyed…overall had a blast. And Steve got on a really high ladder and edged all around the really high ceiling and I got the scaffolding-which, by the way, is totally the way to paint. One more day-and we will be done.

Here we are.

Yes vacation. It has been a whirlwind of life up here. One thing off our plate for 6 days makes me so much happier, kinder, inspired. We are ALMOST done painting the downstairs. Last night I attacked all the little spots around the dining room. Door, what door? I don’t see a door. We are going wall plate and sconce shopping. We have a friend coming over to give us some thoughts on china cupboards, window seats, bookshelves…OH MY. I can not even wait. Now I have to get an ilk of creativity and figure out how to decorate all that wall space.

I have moved more furniture around. My desk is now in the eating area space. It is sunny and warm and I love it. Oreo does too. I often find him nestling beneath my feet. The table is moved over to the wall under a window and it is more crowded but since we eat more at the dining room table–it is a fine sacrifice. And I even hung the chandelier higher so no head bumping is going on.

And this was the sky the other morning as I was leaving for work. I didn’t notice it until I was walking back in the door after starting the car. How did I miss it? It was gorgeous. And the days are sunny and above thirty and I know I can enjoy these last weeks of winter. Tulips here…tulips there. In vases around the house.

Sled Fest 2 and then vegging…

This morning we were up and at it…bright and early. A bunch of families gathered at Laudholm Farms for some sledding on a gray morning.
It was a good way to start the day.

For the rest of the day it was Sofa City Sweetheart! Lots of cuddling, lots of blankets, lots of Anne of Green Gables, and lots laziness.