Round Here

Heard this on my way home from Syracuse on Thursday. Brought tears to my eyes, goosebumps to my skin, chills up my spine-every cliche in the book-it was music to my ears!

I hope you are ready for some cuteness and lots of it!

It was an Ella-centric weekend around here. Not to say that Molly didn’t have herself a grand time visiting with her cousin and the rest of the Nasons, but here in Maine it was all about the Ella.
Here she is all packed up and ready to go.

After dropping Molly off, Ella and I raced home to get ready for the Daddy/Daughter Dance. Big night-She was beautiful and Daddy couldn’t have been more handsome-quite a pair.
new dress



I have to say that Ella was a pretty good date-She seemed to spend equal time with her dad and her friends. Both were equally cute. As a member of the Daddy/Daughter Dance committee-membership has it’s privileges so I got to stay for the whole evening and spy. OF course I was also selling raffle tickets, handing out flowers and balloons-all a small price to pay.



bunny hop

Steve said he had to try and keep up with Ella as she got into bed so quickly and fell asleep even faster. Big day the next-sleep was necessary. Today we all got up minus Miss Moo, who we all missed greatly this morning. But we were sure she was having a great time in NH. The three of us got to have a yummy, leisurely breakfast at the Black Bean this morning. So yummy!

ella and steve

steve eyeing the bun

the bun

After our breakfast-we broke paths as both parties headed to Boston. Steve to work a basketball game, working with an old friend-Teddy Ballard. Just figured out today that the director of the Miami Heat Show-is none other—small small world, and Ella and I headed south to go see Annie at the Wang Theater. Fabulous show in a fabulous theater. Ella sat on the edge of her seat or on the edge of my seat the whole show. I got teary a couple times with the happiness of such a wonderful play with awesome music with an awesome daughter. What a day!

ella in the street


I just love this picture because it makes me realize how big she is getting. Gorgeous.

The ceiling is breathtaking!

Eleventh row seats=awesome!

Talked to dad today as I drove by the NH Liquor Store-Asked him if he wanted me to pick up some Bourbon-he replied, he must be sick because it didn’t sound good to him. But he asked me to do him a favor-“Don’t give up asking me!” he said. Done!

And you know what? “The Sun will come out—TOMORROW!” and it may even reach 60 degrees on TUESDAY! Spring is coming.

Vote for the Good Times


These are some of the boys I have been working with this year following the tragedy in OOB. They are participating in a Rock Off. Vote for them. They are too cute. But don’t tell them I said that.
You can click on the link…listen if you want, if not just click where it says to vote and then do so accordingly.
The Good Times

They don’t make snakes to scare people.

My dad is my hero.

These past three days have been the longest days.

My father and Holly’s love is beyond beautiful.  It has carried them across raging rivers and the highest mountains and I am blessed to be a witness to that.

I am comforted to know that my sister exists.  That to someone else my sarcasm and inappropriate humor makes sense and there is someone in California holding a  pat of cold butter over a toaster to heat it up.

Being a witness and present to scary things can be really amazing and life-affirming.

I will never be able to totally talk about or write about or express fully how things happened over the past days.  I have an amazing husband who never blinked when I said I was leaving only helped me figure out how to make it happen despite crazy hours and crazy kids.  My dad said to me today as I was saying good-bye, “Now when you get in the car, don’t start crying-you have to focus on driving-I worry about you.”  That is my dad.  I love him so.

Feeling the warm sun and the absence of snow!

Happy Easter to all! It was a beautiful day here and in Boston where we spent the day. Mostly pictures today because I am tired and doing this while I watch John Adams. We had a beautiful day with Phil and Sri. They have a fantastic apartment in a wonderful area of Boston. After a yummy breakfast, we all ventured out into the sunshine for a walk to Spy Pond and the playground. A wonderful visit with family. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

yum candy

with the easter buddies

Down at Spy Pond
the girls at spy pond

down by spy pond

And you thought you would see pictures of the kids playing…
zip de do

Here comes Molly!
down the slide

Ella in the sunlight.
at spy pond

Molly and her buddy Phil.
molly and phil

What a beautiful day. Here comes Monday. It is coming whether I like it or not. One more day closer to vacation, though!

I think I can finally feel Spring!

No talk of Crucifixions today. I think I have finally learned how to spell it though. 🙂

The Nason women had a good day today. Steve, not so much. Everybody send Steve a little thought of good health and rest. My maine man has been working like a dog. He needs a break. We need a break. When will summer get here? Cottage-we need you!

But I will say that we girls had fun. My friend, Lorinda and kids came for some Easter Egg decorating and dinner. I have said before that I love watching Ella’s friendship with Lorinda’s daughter. I won’t go into it much, but suffice to say that Ella said tonight at bedtime with a big sigh-“I love Lauren.” And I really think that is true. More giggles come out of them. They held hands and danced to High School Musical while Molly and Andrew played around each other. A very nice night. Here are some pictures to share the cuteness.
more cuteness
lorinda and ella
moo decorating
After the girls collapsed in bed and were asleep in a matter of minutes, I played Easter Bunny. Filling the basket, hiding the eggs and finishing the Easter Buddies. I am really happy with how the Easter Buddies turned out. I think they will be loved.
The girls set out some food and a friend for the Easter Bunny
waiting for the easter bunny
A little Egg Deco
egg deco
The Easter Buddies
easter buddies

Happy Easter Friends and Families! We love all of you-Here’s to Springtime and the return of warmth, flowers and all the hope these bring.

The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You’re one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
A cloud comes over the sunlit arch,
A wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you’re two months back in the middle of March.

Robert Frost (1874–1963)
Two Tramps in Mud Time (1936)

How about a little cruxifiction to start the Easter holiday?

The girls and I were invited to a church Easter celebration by a friend. We, Nasons, have not yet found a church that we feel fully at home with. Steve and I have lots of thoughts and talks about spirituality and religion and these are not the focus of this post. I will refer you to Steve’s post about the subject-it will do a good job summing up our thoughts on that…

In an effort to expand a friendship, I agreed to join her family for this Easter Event. She had not attended the event before, but basically sold it to me saying there was a village set up with animals and crafts and then there is a play about Easter. A family affair. Instead, this event scared and upset even me. Let me just say that having my kids witness a “beggar” being flogged for stealing in the village is NOT my idea of a family event. I should have left then, but the lambs were making my kids happy, as well as time with people that we care about. Ella has had some education about Jesus. Her cousin informed her about the whole cross idea so we have talked about that. But let me clarify there is a big difference between the idea of the cross and actually seeing the event take place in front of your eyes. The events that transpired before our eyes horrified me. The “Easter Play” started with soldiers whipping and dragging prisoners down the aisle and then putting them on their crosses. We left after witnessing Jesus drag his cross down the aisle and then being put on the cross and dying. In Ella’s words, as we debriefed at bedtime-“that Cross thing-WOW-Scary.”

So I want to be clear-I have no problem with the telling of this historical, religious event. I am clear about the fact that Easter is a celebration of Jesus rising from the dead. I have also been to many church services in my life that have celebrated this fact-but I have never felt horrified, scared, or upset by these services. I guess I can not really understand the idea of the event being advertised as a family event. I don’t let my child witness those things on television, in books, or any other form-I would expect that in a church she wouldn’t have to witness those things, either. Church should not be scary!

Give me the sunrise service on the banks of Lake Ontario! Give me a church pew, sitting next to my dad singing hymns loud and joyfully! Give me breakfast with my family-finding Easter Eggs and enjoying a lazy sunny morning. That is what I want to celebrate and remember. I witness everyday how poorly we can treat each other. I am not ready for my daughter’s version of the world to change. Never in a million years did I expect a church service-to start that process.

But on a lighter note-two waring factions were found in a moment of cease-fire.
caught on tape

We are looking forward to spending our Easter with Uncle Phil and Aunt Sri in Boston. Oh-did I mention the fact that they are having a BABY! YAHOO! We are all so pleased. Good things are happening in this world. And in my little world, everyday I find peace, love, and sanity. And I am so thankful for that!

Molly, her birthday gifts and Ella…

Molly had an AWESOME birthday. She got so much love from near and afar. She is a lucky little girl. Here are some pictures of the girl loving and soaking up her material belongings.

The Birthday Bag Lady
her stuff

Her new sleeping bag-so happy!
her sleeping bag

Starting and working on her birdhouse model with Daddy.
getting started
molly the birdhouse maker

Have you met our other child-GoofBall!?
We also found a leprechaun-just trying to get it to show us to the pot o’ gold. And when she does, we are going on VACATION!
our lepruchan