On not giving up

I kill plants. I don’t want to. I don’t feel good about it. But I do. I imagine every greenhouse has heard of me…the plants talk. When I pick up a pot I imagine the little roots clinging desperately to the wood below it trying desperately to avoid being taken home by the plant killer lady. Every spring I have the same good intentions and every fall there are the bones of my victims littering my lawn and yarn. It isn’t pretty.
This geranium though…there is something to this geranium. It is a plucky little plant. I have tried to kill this for years! Last fall it was down to two brown stubs with a couple withered leaves. Pathetic. For some reason (I am lazy and never throw anything out) I brought that plant inside and put it on the window sill and watered it. Not all the time. Once a month (maybe). And the most incredible thing started happening. It grew. Little green sprouts started to appear, leaves followed, and then the other day I found the most amazing thing…a bud. My geranium is going to have a flower.

I have not worked out regularly in about two months. I have gained four pounds. I have spent a lot of time wandering around my house searching for clothes, toys, books, flashlights, meaning only to have found laundry to fold. I have found myself in the midst of being surrounded by good stuff crying because of something I just haven’t found….yet. I blame the weather, the darkness, the schedule, but really it is just life. And this flower that is coming on my plant presented itself to me at just the right time. I find hope there. I find excitement and promise.
My friend once told me the story of a flower that she had that grew right along with her pregnancy with her daughter. She had the flower on her window of her bedroom. She watched it grow taller and stronger just like the amazing little girl inside her and on the day her daughter was born that flower bloomed. Beautiful Red Strong. I love that story.


I made whoopie pies for a great friend’s birthday.

This song! Put it on your running mix toward the end of your run. It’s perfect.

We heart NY!

Great end to our February vacation. We did NYC to the fullest extent possible. We had three kids skip, run, ride, and laugh from Central Park to Battery Park to Time Square. It was everything I wanted the first trip to be and more. Enough to make them smile, enough to make them want to come back, more than they dreamed of. Perfect.

Our day in list form

1. Bagels. Real bagels.
2. Train with super excited kids.
3. Museum of Natural History.
4. Molly’s sweet genuinely disappointed tears upon discovering there is no Saqajawayeh (sp?) exhibit like Night at the Museum. 5. Chocolate milkshake.
6. Statue of Liberty.
7. Ground Zero
8. Time Square.
9. Amazing dinner at Tony Dinapoli’s with the best waiter. Ever!!!! 10. Empire State Building.
11. Home to Long Island with three kids and four adults blissfully ready for bed.

Pics to follow. 🙂

some homemade-ness

The weekend of the Super Bowl, I made whoopie pies. Among other things, but throughout the weekend at some points I was doing some aspect of making some kind of whoopie pie. Three different kinds-Traditional chocolate with vanilla filling, chocolate with peanut butter filling and lemon cake with raspberry filling. They were really fun to make. I don’t think they were the best tasting whoopie pies ever, but not bad. With all the different flavors out there I could get into making more.

THIS IS MY HAT! My beautiful friend, Jen made this hat…for me. Sigh. I love this hat. I don’t love hats, I don’t love me in hats, but this hat!!!! I love this hat. It is the perfect color, the perfect shape, the perfect fit…perfect, perfect, perfect. I love Jen and I love this hat.

Where the joy is…

On Monday, Molly and I went in one direction for dance and Steve, Obi and Ella went in another direction for acting class. We were all meeting back home for pizza after. This was my pre-dinner snack. Prosecco and Jax. And most importantly this is my picture of said snack. I am a little hipstamatic happy. Maybe someday I will look back at all these pictures and wonder what the heck I was thinking but right now, I am loving the look. And that was a dang good snack.

I am sharing this photo with one request that you not judge my mothering with this girl’s shaggy d.a. hairdo. Mostly I want you to notice the happiness on her face that she is a dancer. And if I could I would take you to the class and let you watch her. Watch her twirl and spin the ribbon in a fury around her body and head with the biggest smile on her face. I would take you so you could see her body move without thought to it, just freedom and a partnership with the music playing in the room. It is a joy. It fills my heart. I wish I was more like her.

This soup!

I made Apple Butternut Squash Soup for dinner last night. I used a recipe from Everyday Food. I was really pleased with how it came out. I also made a batch of oatmeal bread. Pete made some yummy pork with root vegetables. Lori completed it all with cupcakes with lemon curd and buttercream frosting. It was a feast perfect for a last supper with all the Nasons present for the last time in a while. I won’t write much about the night, but I will say it was a darn near perfect night with family. I will keep that one in the memory files forever.
So this was our lunch today. The kids are over at a friends today. So we ate this perfect lunch mostly silent enjoying the stillness of the house. What a treat.

Steve wins Valentine’s Day this year…

And it isn’t even Valentine’s day yet. Gloria (my favorite tv character) on Modern Family declared herself the winner of Valentine’s Day. I am declaring Steve the winner for our house. And Victoria’s Secret, stay with me folks it does not turn dirty. My man has delivered with chocolates, breakfast in bed, an ordered dinner at home tonight and the best pair of pajamas I have ever owned. I am wearing them right now. And I might be eating a chocolate right now…but about the pajamas. I have missed the Victoria’s Secret boat. I am ready to get on now. The material is soft, fits so nicely, keeps everything in place…simply perfect. I am nutty over my jammies. Please don’t tell me what horrible things children went through to make my jammies. I want to live in bliss in my jambams.
I love my husband and at the end of an emotionally exhausting week for us both he takes care of me. I am a lucky lady!