How things come out

At about 4:30 yesterday, I had this great moment where I believed that I had the kitchen to myself for an extended period of time.  Steve was at work, Molly went out with a friend, and Ella had Natalie over for the night, but they were up in her room.  I gathered everything I would need to make some herb bread and some banana bread.  Just as I had set the herb bread to rise and started my banana bread, so dig it…right in the middle of two different tasks….Ella and Natalie came in to ask about dinner.

And all of the sudden there were chicken nuggets in the oven and the girls were doing this….











Because why shouldn’t we make the biggest mess in the kitchen we can possibly make.  Let’s make Lip Balm.  Dinner.  Bread.  All at once. Side note about this pic-as soon as Natalie got to our house they went upstairs and switched shirts. So they are wearing the other’s shirt in this pic.  It cracks me up.  They have done that since they were 4.

So how things came out…

The lip balm was a huge hit.  I am wearing some on my lips right now.  They put glitter in it and dyed it blue.  The kit we used had all the containers and ingredients.  Very fun, messy, but quick project with a great product at the end.  Check out Kiss Naturals.

My breads. Well, one of the principles taught at my how to have a successful bakery class was to have consistent, quality product.  I may have product that tastes good, but how can the loaves look SOOOO different?











The loaf on the left is squat and long and the one on the right is Tall and really a beautiful looking loaf of bread. The one on the left is totally the one on the right’s crazy, inappropriate uncle.  I do love this bread.  Herb and parmesan cheese bread.  My sister may come up today and I offered to give her a loaf.  I will probably give her the crazy, uncle one with a slice missing.  I am not really a nice person.

One thought on “How things come out

  1. ally says:

    Hahahaahaha, beggars cannot be choosers, I would have taken that crazy ugly (possibly racist) uncle bread and devoured it. But alas, I did not come up, which was not very nice of me, so I guess I am not a nice person, Metal Pig. Love, Water Pig.

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