Spring is here! For the most part…

I spent some of this morning cleaning our room with the window wide open letting beautiful spring air in. In New England, as the season shifts from winter to spring there is a collective, definite and palpable air of relief and energy. Today’s 60+ sunny weather and the promise of more days like today than days like yesterday makes us wear t-shirts when we really probably still need a sweater. I love it. After some cleaning and errands, I promised the girls a trip to the beach with some friends. Sadly as we all tumbled out of our cars with empty buckets to fill with treasures and leggings with sandals and vests over thin long sleeves we were met with winter. Cold wind blowing off the ocean drove us off the beach and right back into the warmth of our cars and too the less (but not much) windy playground. We are almost there. And to think the girls wanted to wear their bathing suits.

The rest of the weekend is Steve-ful. Two Red Sox/Yankee games but he is home early tonight and no game for him tomorrow. Three books to look through after he and the kids are in bed. Finding a new recipe to try for dinner tomorrow night from Ellie Krieger’s cookbook. I loved her show in Food Network when we had fancy cable. Going to look for a new bread to try from King Arthur and try to figure where we can put some fence to grow some raspberries on…
Love this time of year.

Do you think it is too much to pull up carpet, lay new flooring, empty our house into a dumpster, tile my backsplash, play with friends, coach tennis, do play practice, garden and clean yard, bake, sew, take swimming lessons etc…in a one week vacation? I hope not.

3 thoughts on “Spring is here! For the most part…

  1. Tracy says:

    Drinks with friends is supposed to be on that vacation list- i will help throw things in dumpster if needed! Great post Beth:)

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