Steve wins Valentine’s Day this year…

And it isn’t even Valentine’s day yet. Gloria (my favorite tv character) on Modern Family declared herself the winner of Valentine’s Day. I am declaring Steve the winner for our house. And Victoria’s Secret, stay with me folks it does not turn dirty. My man has delivered with chocolates, breakfast in bed, an ordered dinner at home tonight and the best pair of pajamas I have ever owned. I am wearing them right now. And I might be eating a chocolate right now…but about the pajamas. I have missed the Victoria’s Secret boat. I am ready to get on now. The material is soft, fits so nicely, keeps everything in place…simply perfect. I am nutty over my jammies. Please don’t tell me what horrible things children went through to make my jammies. I want to live in bliss in my jambams.
I love my husband and at the end of an emotionally exhausting week for us both he takes care of me. I am a lucky lady!


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