Winter routine

I won’t begin to say that our life is busier than any other lives. I will say that it does take a great amount of energy for me to schedule activities into our weekday nights. That being said…we have our winter routine. After soccer season-I imposed a holiday break. No more activities until after the holidays. With parties and planning and family time…that was enough. Now, however, we are going to Portsmouth on Monday nights for acting class for Ella. To the Works on Wednesday nights for dance class with Miss Molly. Saturdays are Obedience classes for Obi. Let’s seeeeeeeee…I think that is enough.

I don’t know what it is but I savor our evenings. I love the pace around the house. Slow and steady. Chatter, playing, together, apart, eating, talking, music, dancing, singing. I love that. Two nights are good. They will break things up. The girls love what they are doing. We will go from there. Fingers crossed there will be a class for me on Tuesday nights in March. I think being almost forty…I totally think of that scene from When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan is crying because her ex-boyfriend is getting married and she is like “and I will be forty” and Harry says “when” and she says “SOMEDAY”…that I want to have some goals things to do, accomplish. My someday is right around the corner. I can spend some winter nights thinking about that for sure.


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