A little bit of homemade goodness…

The Nason clan has for three years now picked a name and then made a homemade gift for the person you get. This was my gift to Sri this year. With an impending move to India (both awesome and sad all at the same time), I wanted to make something she could take with her on the trip with the added bonus of reminding her of family back in Maine. With a little artistic help from the girls we made some placemats from Soulemama’s The Creative Family. I love how they came out…so did the girls. A lot of pride for their work.

This one is Ella’s-the minimalist

This one is Molly’s-WOW! A lot going on there…

This was supposed to be mine with a Lobster and some seashell borders, but it turned into something completely different…how can you say no to painting help…but again Wow!

The girls are modeling their adorable hats knit by Aunt Lori. Doesn’t get much cuter, in my opinion.

I made two bags for Omar and Charlotte to pack their Christmas goodies in and I was really pleased with how they turned out. The picture did not turn out well, but the ease with which I turned those bags out made me enjoy sewing again.

And I was going to post a pic of my homemade gifts of beer, jam, and bacon from Pete, but never got around to it, but let me just say…anyone that makes me BACON for Christmas…is totally alright in my book!


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