A Holiday Moment

I am having a huge moment in Nason Holiday History. That jar in the picture to the left contains probably some of the best tasting candy I have ever made. That being said, this is probably the first time I have made candy so that is not saying much. HOWEVER! Every year I stress about what to give local family friends and co-workers. We are starting to give and receive food gifts with more families and it is a beautiful thing. Homemade raspberry jam, chocolate covered Oreos, peanut clusters, Chocolate peppermint cookies, bread…yum. And honestly, I always wanted to be someone who had their signature food gift at Christmas. Martha would be proud. SO THIS YEAR! I did it…no more snickerdoodles that don’t rise right EVER, no more iced sugar cookies with their cumbersome frostings and sprinkles NO! This year I got it and it is good. NO! It is fantastic!
I made two candies, peppermint patties and peppermint bark. No baking, no frosting, no rolling in cinnamon and sugar (someone please make me good snickerdoodles because really they are my favorite Christmas Cookie) and packaged them up in these sweet glass jars that I love and away they are going. The kids have been able to help which is so perfect and I have gained a few pounds from all the tastings but all good. I just hope next year Anchor Hocking makes the same jars and that I remember this was the perfect food gift!


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