The Barn party and other stuff…

We had our Summer Barn Party this weekend. After taking the summer off last year, we were back into it this year and I think it was a success. Partly I know this because I did not take any pictures, too busy. But the man got around for a few.

I know this guy had a good time. Dropped food, another dog to play with, kids galore…this was him at 7:00 p.m.
I, also know this guy had a good time because I have pictures of him in our kitchen making this same face. It is his good time face.

These guys definitely had a good time. One is wearing his hat sideways…I mean doesn’t that scream good time?

And this girl!!! She fell asleep on me while reading the next night…she never falls asleep on me.

A great reminder of the awesome people in our lives. One day we will get a band back here.
But until then…We know great people, kids had a ball…so many kids, amazing food, and a keg that was dealt with very nicely. My favorite parts-the late night conversation and the breakfast the next day with the people who stick. We live a charmed life.

Other news on the home front…
We may have some cantaloupe!!! Fingers crossed….

Feeling a strong, strong love for succulents.

Everyday…more and more…she blows my mind.


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