Unplanned days

When I woke up yesterday morning, it was in a fog of grumpiness still lingering from the day before, but by the end of the day the fog had been lifted and in its place I found family, friends and fried zucchini. I took Molly and her friend to gymnastics yesterday morning and ran while they were in there bouncing and falling and spinning. On my way home, we got an invitation to go to the zoo with the cousins so we did.
I am getting pretty adept at the mad dash around the house, assembling snacks, sunscreen, clothes, kids. The beauty is the addition of Ella’s hands to accomplish these tasks. So within 30 minutes we were back in the car. I haven’t been to York Wild Kingdom in a couple years. That poor elephant is still there painting her pictures and playing the harmonica. The deer are more contained. The attack goats are still posted as Kid-Friendly. The snake still freaks me out. My kids still are ready to look at something else before we have even laid eyes on the things we are supposed to be looking at and it is a constant reminder to stop and look and see. A quarter worth of duck food=one nugget of food. Motorized boats cost 1.25 to drive for a few minutes and probably was their favorite part of the zoo if you asked them (Thanks Aunt Sri!). However, I am hoping that somewhere in their subconscious the best part was the big old tortoise who gave up his lettuce lunch to walk over to the fence to look at us looking at him and we all sat there somewhat quietly to marvel over his shell and skin and eyes and face and I had chills. It was my favorite part.
Work schedules, stair building and threat of rain postponed our plans for pier fries and pizza for dinner with the Osbornes. And I lolled around trying to be productive when our friend, who is family-less for the week pulled up in the driveway for a beer on his way home from work. Then Jennica called on her way home from the doctors and said she was coming over, she didn’t care what I said. ( I would have said, of course) So soon we were thinking about dinner and everyone was staying and zucchini was picked from the garden, steak pulled from the fridge, mushrooms chopped, stories/jokes were flying about an unsuspecting wife at Bon Jovi concerts and reality t.v. and pampered chef and things kids say (Tell Abby I am ready to talk to her now) wine was poured, another beer was retrieved, kids were shrieking, puppy was wild and jumpy, fried zucchini recipes were looked up and Ella was cooking. At that moment in the most crazy, frenzied, loud moment…I was complete and happy.


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