I am no meteorologist, but this sky was awesome. I was anticipating a severe thunder and lightning storm to follow, but NOTHING…a couple rumbles of thunder in the distance and a short rainfall. But I will stand by the fact that the sky, the glow of the whole space in our world last night was AWESOME.
We celebrated a special little girl, who turned two, last night. And as the grandmothers, mother and I sat around the table, the conversation turned to the day of birth and the events and turns that have occurred over these two years. I felt lucky to be a part of this family. I felt proud of my girls for being so sweet and so excited to be a part of this little girls birthday celebration and Molly’s assembly of too small dress-up clothes, jewelry and shoes in a pink purse as her gift. It was a good moment and a good reminder that all the little bits, events, and moments make up these times where you feel connected with people. So when I was racing getting kids dressed, feeding puppy, letting puppy out, gazing at all the work I have to do for this course and wondering when I will get it done, piling another dish on the existing pile of dirty dishes, pulling something clean to wear from the HUMUNGOUS pile of clean clothes on the floor and thinking “man I have to fold these”, letting puppy out again, chasing puppy to get him back inside, pulling something out of his mouth he shouldn’t have, thinking “UGH I JUST WANT TO STAY HOME!!!”…I let all that go when I saw the biggest smile on earth light up a room when we all sing Happy Birthday and realized we have a place in someone else’s world…that is so much more than all the other stuff. It is awesome.


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