To make up for the yick…

We have had more tried and true recipes around here…including taco night, ice cream brownie sundaes with a make your own pizza/sleepover night. The best part is that now Ella makes the brownies all by herself and lead the other two girls in making them. That is officially the first thing Ella can make all on her own.
The girls visually appealing pizza. “IF we don’t like the veggies, we can just pick them all off” Thankfully they liked them.

Proud of their work.

And before the pizza making there was a flurry of blueberry picking. When you get a request to make blueberry muffins from the freshest berries around, you can’t say no. Plus being up at 5:30 with the pup…what else do I have to do? So yum. These come from my favorite Moosewood Cookbook, New Classic. Best muffin recipe ever!!!


2 thoughts on “To make up for the yick…

  1. Sri says:

    I love that photo of the pizza! It looks like a scanned slide from 1977 or something, from another time.
    I know, that’s a bit geeky of me 🙂

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