We had lemons…

Yesterday afternoon Steve and I hit ground zero with grumpiness. Low energy, humidity, and discovering the Thai take-out closed when we pulled into the parking lot… all clumped together to leave Steve saying that he would like me to drop him off in the middle of the traffic circle so he can yell at cars and me almost doing it whether he really wanted to or not. Sitting in the grocery store parking lot-I declared I did not want to cook. He looked at me and said, well let’s go to the East. And you know that feeling you get when you are in the middle of a ball of frustration, but then someone says exactly the right thing to loosen that knotty ball and all that frustration just falls away?!?! That is what happened. The East is a restaurant in Wells that serves Chinese, Japanese and Thai food and has the requisite crystal chandelier, fish tank with huge fish, and fountains at the entrance plus some good food.
We had a great dinner and the girls were in those moods of totally cracking each other up and loving each other. Those are good moods. So as we descended the steps of the restaurant I suggested a beach walk which was received with a resounding “YES!” How I do I describe the beach….I can’t completely because there are emotions that are too much to say out loud and I think sometimes lose their meaning when we try to put words to it. But at the base of it I felt such peace. Wrapped in Steve’s arm, the girls zooming around, Molly shouting which Star Wars character each of us needed to be-One minute I am General Grievous, the next Padma, the light of the sky, Ella telling us that she loved Molly more than anyone else in the world. All of that. The best lemonade in the world.


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