Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

I made strawberry rhubarb crisp last night. It was on my list and I did it. We were all really happy I did. I had a great recipe from a friend, but I couldn’t find it. Soooo I went to my most favorite, new trusted recipe website that my sister told me about. If you haven’t found this yet you need to try it out. Love it. Tastespotting is an amazing site. And the recipe I found was from this blog after searching Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. She used Dorie Greenspan’s recipe from her book, Baking. Another book I would love to own, but have always been a bit overwhelmed by it. However, after making this crisp…WOW I think I need to get over my shyness.

Rhubarb scattered over the BOTTOM CRUST!!! Yes folks, yummy crust on the top and bottom.

Making the strawberry jam for the filling—I know, STRAWBERRY JAM!

The layering of the jam and the top crust brought an audience. Her nose told her something awesome was happening in the kitchen.

So pretty and bubbly.

With vanilla ice cream on the deck…perfect ending to a great day!!!


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