Took my morning wander around the yard. And over by a flower bed there is all this rough upped earth. Probably the kids, but in my brain…it was a moose. Because…it’s my brain. But oddly laying on top of the earth was this… It most definitely came from the men who built our barn. There was a shed on that spot where they worked and stored things. I know that much. But what is it? I am going to hang it up because I love the heavy metal logo feel to it. The heart and wings mixed with metal. If I had a heavy metal band…it would be our logo.

To do today:
1. Find our mason jars to store our freezer jam.
2. Freeze more strawberries.
3. Make Strawberry Rhubarb crisp.
4. Make radish butter and eat a radish butter sandwich for lunch. I have read a couple different sources that say it is amazing. I am going to go for it with fresh radishes I bought yesterday. May take Steve with me on that ride.
5. Hit up Marden’s for more fat quarters to start my quilt. I am going to make a quilt, damnit. Swearing makes it so.
6. Go to the Beach, but at this moment a little curious as to where the sun went?!?!
7. Hang with the family. No guests tonight for dinner or drinks…Molly wants a family Wii night. We will oblige.
8. Eat the strawberry rhubarb crisp. 🙂


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