Containers and such…

I have a new found love for container gardening!!! I am ready to go out and buy zillions of containers and fill them with annuals, annuals, annuals. This may be my kind of gardening. It is instant gratification mostly and I kind of feel like I can’t kill them. I say that with some hesitation because I do believe that I really have the ability to kill anything that grows in soil.
Here are my basil and tomato plant containers. Hopefully some tomato sauce will be enjoyed with these two pots….

These are my flower containers…Molly or Ella built this little container with leftover plants from a couple bigger containers. I love it’s randomness. I, alson, love my little urns. I bought those urns on-line thinking they were a little bigger than this-I thought I was getting a deal. I was a tad surprised at their tiny stature when they arrived. However, shortly after that Holly delivered to me a box of succulents. It only took me about two summers to finally get the succulents into the urns. Now that they are there…I love them and they are totally loving their new home.

In other news, the girls and I are solo this weekend. We spent yesterday afternoon and evening finishing the Chamber of Secrets so we are excitedly, nervously, and giddily watching the Movie tonight. The girls have been dancing around in fear, happiness, excitement the whole time. It is fun to see them so into this story. Such a good story. Our dinner is a french baguette and cheese with some apples, which is so simple and tastes so good. A perfect entrance into the weekend…


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