I have a hypopathesis…

The girls and I are reading The Chamber of Secrets. We have full Harry Potter fever in the house. It is totally fun. Spells are being cast. Wands are being waved. Capes are being worn. Voldemort is being whispered and then screams follow with mad giggles. “Hypopatheses” are being made. We must have said hypothesis twenty times slowly and broken down, but every time it is said quickly—“Mom, I have to tell you one more thing…I have one more hypopathesis…that is a silly word” Love that. I have stopped correcting it.

I started, briefly, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. I made the mistake of starting. Seriously, like 5 pages and I am hooked, but don’t want to keep going until I have the energy and time to really invest. A total stranger and I were talking loudly in elation at each other about this book series Friday night. If you haven’t read them…you need to. One of the best characters in a book, in my opinion. Even though she would never be my friend…I would really love to be hers.

I just spoke in a stern voice to my daughters about going to sleep and they mocked me. I weep for my future. Just a hypopathesis…


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