I am that mom…

Friday night, Steve and I went out. A perfect mix of events that made for a perfect night. There was a car ride full of conversation and laughs. No one can make me laugh more than that guy can….and maybe no can make him laugh more than me. We had a drink on the decks, saw some art, ate heavenly pizza with those Osbornes (literally heavenly), I bought a book with the last money on a gift card and had exactly enough, and more drinks on the decks on a perfect night, at a perfect temperature, with the perfect babysitter, who made us videos of our kids to watch when we got home.
Get it…it was perfect. But here is the thing—as we were sitting at the bar, waiting for our table Jennica made a light mention of the birthday party on Sunday. And involuntarily I slapped my forehead…hard!!! I had forgotten to RSVP for the pre-school friend birthday party. And you may be thinking why so hard on yourself, Beth?!?! And as I scrambled outside of the restaurant to call Molly’s friend’s Mom, make all sorts of lame excuses and finally just admit I stink but that we would really like to come to her daughter’s birthday party (even though in my head, honestly, I had a thousand other things I wanted to do), I was running through the list of things I had forgotten over the last few months. Other last-minute RSVPs, the forgotten beach towel for beach safety day, sending my daughter to school without the right t-shirt for picture day, totally forgetting that it is gymnastics night and and and and…sigh…I would totally talk about me to other moms and judge me.
Actually…at one point early in motherhood, I might have. But now I have softened with experience and understanding and imperfection. Now that I have realized that I am that mom. My kids show up places sometimes with dirty faces and nails. They do. And I sigh and curse myself and spit wash their faces. BUT you know what that does not prevent us from having the best time. AND my house can, at times, smell a little bit like ripe garbage. BUT the time with family and friends is so worth it.
Yesterday we woke up late and headed to Massachusetts for an extended Nason family gathering. A full day of fun. On the ride home, cooling with the A/C but gazing at the 89 degrees on the car thermometer, we made plans with friends for a snack-y dinner and some sprinkler time in the back yard. On the dash inside for bathing suits and some food to bring, both Steve and I grew a little weary with the dishes in the sink, the stink in the fridge, the dirty clothes EVERYWHERE, and the shoes left out in the rain. HOWEVER, sitting later on our friends’ deck with one of my favorite people in the world, drinking a glass of wine in my bathing suit watching our husbands chase and be chased by super soaker and hose wielding menaces-I thought briefly of that garbage and realized that it will get taken out, but I never would have wanted to miss that night.
So I am that mom, happily.


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