What kind of weekend was it?

I will tell you what kind of weekend it was.

It was the kind of weekend where the smallest things happened but they were things that made me feel like I am moving in the right direction.

~a dinner at friends that have become family. Where you move around the house with a familiarity that comes close to it being your own. Lounging by the fireplace…kids playing quietly and then not so quietly and then quietly again around us. How could anything be wrong with an evening like that?

~a morning where my husband makes me breakfast and then sends me off for some hours on my own only to return to a clean downstairs, fed children, and then a demand that I go for a run because it is such a beautiful day.

~and it is a beautiful day and I run for over 4 miles just because it feels good. I love runs like that.

~an evening where friends have our children over for a sleep-over.

~so that Steve and I can spend time together with other friends.

~boys, beer, fire = such an easiness and laughter.

~and then days with my girls. Relaxed and flowing easily. Never pressured to move anywhere quickly. Giggles, dancing, good food, and snuggles..many I love yous.

It was that kind of weekend and it takes me and eases back into a world that is not so safe, not so easy, not so slow, and definitely not so understanding.


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