How to get through Turkey Day Eve as a single parent….

I have to give credit to my friend, Meg. This morning, while the girls were entertained for a moment watching the electricians working at our house, I made a quick phone call. In the course of the call we both were brainstorming ways that we can keep our kids active and busy while we work. She mentioned having her children collect acorns for the candle centerpiece. Hers looks a little different but the idea is the same and so great for the kids to do-active outside and they could do the whole thing without help from mom. So these are our center pieces and Ella improvised with the little bit of green.

So what do you do when they are done with that task in 15 minutes? (Was hoping for a little longer) Send them out with the camera with many pleads and gentle reminders to be careful with Mommy’s camera and let them shoot away. And as I was looking through them tonight-I enjoyed a couple of them.

The majestic Oreo. Love this cat and so does Molly. He was the subject of many of her shots. Not all as majestic as this one.

Ella’s jump rope handle. She has been a jump roping fool, as of late. She has just taken off and we hear a lot of “Cinderella, dressed in yella, went downstairs and kissed a fella…” This picture actually made me laugh a little. Just cute.

Molly’s second favorite thing…Sissy.

Seashells. Just Seashells.

And BAM Ella…she can touch that tongue to her nose and then to the back of her neck. She comes by that honestly…Roes are a long tongued family.

And when that was done…just let the little rats help me cook. Took a little longer but I am thankful for the hugs and kisses that come along with the work. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “How to get through Turkey Day Eve as a single parent….

  1. meme says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Sure wish we could have been all together but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. We had a fine feast and a long walk on a calm beach day Thursday.
    Friday night Kirk and Kristy joined the party. This year we instituted the kidz table and that was great because it gave us all a little more space to work with. Russ, Nicole and Danielle are enjoying their annual visit to the farm. Trey kept Scout busy, or was it the other way around? The men cut down some trees on the cottage road and got it split and put away in no time. Many hands make light work. Kate enjoyed hangin’ with the big girls from Jersey and played a mean game of Mah Jong with Meme. Sarah and Holly did a pilates class on Friday morning and felt much better for it. Very good stretch after a long drive for Sarah. In all, a good time was had and 20lbs. of turkey is just about gone! WOW, what a holiday!

  2. Jen says:

    Hello! Hope your weekend was wonderful! We’ll have to get together so Eli can teach the girls finger-knitting! Quiet entertainment with a product. Maybe they can learn from youtube or something to give you some quiet time for the holidays. . . scarfs for dolls or friends, headbands, garland. . .all with a few flips of the little fingers! 🙂 Talk soon!

  3. OMG so cute–I don’t think I’ve seen many photos taken by kids before. That might be a popular thing now that parents don’t have to buy film anymore. Photos by kids should have its own website!

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