Here we are…

P1020953 Still here…living life full of color, energy, and goodness. And as much as I had thought about going over what we have been up to over these many months and the trials of the transition from the wonderful looseness of summer to the structure and rhythm of fall, I think I will just say “phew” and move on to the present.

Last night, I attended, in the freezing cold, the semi-final play-off football game for Old Orchard Beach. An amazing, heart-breaking game as our team lost in O/T. All you family members with your Gulls Football shirts…wear them with pride because they had an awesome season this year.

Today we are looking forward to playing with two of the three Lambert kiddos, getting a visit from Grandpa, Meme, and Scout, eating some Lobster and enjoying a slower pace from a somewhat fast-paced week. Tomorrow we are going to have a visit from Omar for the day and then meet up with all the Nasons for some pizza in Portsmouth in the afternoon. And right this minute, I am struggling to even finish this post as my little Molly, who is not so little, keeps interrupting to have me look at her letters she has written or write a letter she can not write or tell me a story about something that has happened to her, or ask me about what I am writing. 🙂 Maybe that has something to do with where I have been….

And I will leave you with a favorite song to run to…


3 thoughts on “Here we are…

  1. Jen says:

    Yeah! I have missed you here. FB is good, but different. We are heading to Portsmouth tomorrow as well! Maybe we’ll bump into you.

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