All Hands on Deck…

p1020178 Sitting here on the deck for our first real afternoon chillin’. We have the essentials…popcorn, drawing stuff, the white board, and LOTS of opening and closing of the sliding screen door. The girls and I have been taking it slow but steady today…really the perfect mix of accomplishment and rest.

Breakfast out, couple yard sales (the plastic puppies are the closest we are getting to the real thing at this point), visit with friends, a sans kids trip to Marden’s with some bargain spring clothes shopping for them, a Riverside stop for plants and cinnamon raisin bread and finally home to fill the sand box and clean out drawers. Somehow I have not felt stressed or rushed and it is suiting me just fine.

Watched the Duchess last night…ummmmmm…that sucked. It left my friend and I feeling like seriously…that sucked. Plus Keira Knightley needs some meat on them bones. She looked like a walking skeleton. Tonight is another night without the Maine Man. So it is me, a delish homemade whoopie pie and this week’s episode of Lost. Honestly. I am cool with that.



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