Fuzzy morning

Sitting here eating breakfast made by my maine man on a Friday morning. I am taking Ella into school today after she was sent home because she coughed and her temp read 99. Our pediatrician wouldn’t see her and told us even if she did have that rascally swine flu…she would be sick for a few days and then get better. Why isn’t this the information that is getting shared on every news media? As she bounced around the house, stuffing her face full of food, laughing, dancing and going about being a healthy kid…I had to think this hysteria has gone a little too far. But then again…better safe then sorry I guess.

Hosted a surprise baby-shower for a friend last night with the help of a couple great women friends. And I have to say…it was a really nice event. Not the flowers or the food or the wine…though all those things were fab. The shower was for a woman who was having their 3rd baby. Both she and her husband have been mostly in a state of shock since they found out. As she was leaving and giving me a hug she told me that this night helped her get really excited and able to really focus on the fun and LOVE of a new little life coming in to shake up their comfortable little world. And it’s funny because I was really focused on getting her diapers, wipes, diaper cream, all the essential things. But as the night carried on-it was apparent, I think to all of us that this shift of awareness was happening. We are a group of women who have been gathering fairly regularly for over a year now both with families and without. Friendships have developed with some stronger than others, but overall we just all like each other. I think the power of all these friendships, laughter, and stories of pregnancies, births, and families helped her remember that she is capable of more love than she ever thought possible. It was a good night…

But now a fuzzy morning. Happy Friday!


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