Winter Barn Party

Yeah-I suck at taking party pics. A friend brought her camera and snapped away so hopefully I will have some more to share at some point.
Good party.
Ummmm—highly recommend the Wesleydale cheese. A smooth cheese from England with cranberries in it. We are hooked. Can’t get enough.
And we got enough wine from people to have another party. Anybody in?

Steve and I grabbed the kids from our friends this morning and we all went out for breakfast. Good greasy, egg and bacon breakfast…perfect for what ailed us. I cleaned…Steve and the girls went sledding…I ran.
NOW we are all in jammies, ready for leftover party snacks, and going to introduce the girls to the world of Star Wars. 4,5, and 6. Not the first three. I am actually hoping to snooze through some of it.

Tomorrow we are off to Boston to visit with the Nasons. Good capper to a good vacation.


6 thoughts on “Winter Barn Party

  1. barngirl says:

    Fiddlehead Market in Dover, NH.
    I would have invited you to our party and you could have taken pictures BUT you probably wouldn’t have shown up. OH! I went there….

  2. Kelly says:

    oh no you DID NOT!!! 🙂

    When you are on Lake Ontario – I show up! I drive the 2 miles….

    Do you have a date for the July party?? It is always CanAm weekend – and remember I have to write the check for the fireworks.

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