p1010714 We went out to dinner last night with our neighbors, The Osbornes. I wore these tights and these boots. The picture does not do the tights justice. They are sparkly. Gold and Purple striped and dazzling. We had a hysterical time. On a recommendation and Steve’s need for Thai Food, we went to the Blue Elephant in Ogunquit. Each step of the meal was met with delays and blunders, but the food was really good. And the company funny…One of the owners came out at the end of the night with a cupcake and ice cream on the house for each of us and declared us the rowdiest group they have had.
It must have been my tights.

The rest of the day was fun and productive. We went to visit friends’ new puppy. A little, chunky, big pawed, beefy head, Lab puppy. Sooooo cute. She is due with their third in June and they just got a puppy. I am so in awe of her ability to handle all that. He is worth it though…little puppy. We stole their kids from them and went home to paint. The kids played, destroyed, played, went outside, played, destroyed…overall had a blast. And Steve got on a really high ladder and edged all around the really high ceiling and I got the scaffolding-which, by the way, is totally the way to paint. One more day-and we will be done.


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