Here we are.

Yes vacation. It has been a whirlwind of life up here. One thing off our plate for 6 days makes me so much happier, kinder, inspired. We are ALMOST done painting the downstairs. Last night I attacked all the little spots around the dining room. Door, what door? I don’t see a door. We are going wall plate and sconce shopping. We have a friend coming over to give us some thoughts on china cupboards, window seats, bookshelves…OH MY. I can not even wait. Now I have to get an ilk of creativity and figure out how to decorate all that wall space.

I have moved more furniture around. My desk is now in the eating area space. It is sunny and warm and I love it. Oreo does too. I often find him nestling beneath my feet. The table is moved over to the wall under a window and it is more crowded but since we eat more at the dining room table–it is a fine sacrifice. And I even hung the chandelier higher so no head bumping is going on.

And this was the sky the other morning as I was leaving for work. I didn’t notice it until I was walking back in the door after starting the car. How did I miss it? It was gorgeous. And the days are sunny and above thirty and I know I can enjoy these last weeks of winter. Tulips here…tulips there. In vases around the house.


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